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  1. Would this make a good first bike?

  2. Would this be a good first bike? I really want to get my license and I love the classic standard motorcycle look, but in most forums, people suggest bikes that I don't find attractive in the least (sportsbikes). What classic looking bike would be good for beginners if not this on?

  3. can low saddle be a problem for tall people?? maybe for its uncomfort

  4. robson MM says:

    How you guys do that shot moving from the front to the side to show the cover of the old fake carburetor. That was awesome. The whole review is awesome btw.

  5. After watching the review on the XRS 900 I changed my mind about buying it.
    Now this Street Twin review is an other thing all together. This bike has the looks, the sounds and the seat height I like. I dont need tons of power or crazy performance. I want happy, fun, great looking bike that will age well. The Triumph is all that.
    The only other bike that comes close to it is the V9 Bobber.

  6. Amjad Ali says:

    +RevZilla does street twin sound better or the old Bonneville is it something to do with the firing order 270° or 360°

  7. I just keep watching this video over and over and wanting the Street Twin more and more

  8. sscarcello says:

    Fantastic Job on the review and nice location too !

  9. saddle8bag says:

    The bike doesn't make less power, it makes less PEAK power. The engine torque value is a component of power. You do not feel it. The torque at the rear wheel is dictated by its gearing. First gear is going to feel a lot "torquier" than 6th gear at 10 mph. The engine makes the same power thru the rev range, regardless of gear selection.
    Someone really needs to write a program to calculate the total power an engine makes from a dyno. That would be much more useful than these silly peak numbers.

  10. Gorgeous bike, and gorgeous film/edit on the video 😉 Congrats !

  11. Terry Leach says:

    I think this review is the first I've seen or read by anyone that's done a few miles on the bike and it's always interesting to see what testers really think when they're not on a manufacturer's junket in sunny Spain or confined to a shorter time frame test. Some random thoughts of my own on your test vid and the bike itself…in no particular order…1. Those big loopy laces on your riding boots are just waiting to snag on a gear or shift lever or side stand at some stage. 2. I hope your gf gives you a slap when she recovers her sunnies from you. 3. I can't see why Triumph couldn't have given the ST a 6 speed box with 6th being a genuine over drive for the odd occassion. 4. Good point about lack of main stand…I thought that was actually one of the 149 factory accessory options you could buy but may "stand" corrected on that one and Triumph seem to be a bit at sea when it comes to how many accessories they actually do offer, to which countries and/or states…and when they are offered to. Interesting you didn't mention spoked wheels as being an option worth considering as for those interested in more of a genuine retro look those make a huge difference. Spoked wheels are one of the factory accessory options although again they don't feature heavily or some times at all on the various Triumph 'sites. Also while the Triumph is regarded as affordable in North America the base asking price in NZ is $16k and by the time you add registration, insurance and maybe an accessory or two you're looking at a $20k bike which is no doubt part of the reason why in this country from the time of it's belated arrival here in March through to the end of June only a total of 8 (yes "8") units had been sold.

  12. Oomer says:

    I should have stayed with the vid a bit longer in lol.

  13. Oomer says:

    What jacket you rolling with buddy it's sweet.

  14. Xsr900 Yamaha or triumph street Twiin?

  15. Jo Gordon says:

    I'm having a hard time deciding if I want this one or a T120. I've always had six speeds – got the shifting down by habit. Don't know if I could adjust to a 5 speed. Is it difficult to convert?

  16. dr FeelGood says:

    so the question is which is better the Yamaha XSR900 or this one ?

  17. BrownGorilla says:

    Lemmy. We need more Lemmy. Dudes awesome. No offense =]

  18. Rocketboy says:

    The 32000 km service intervalls was the last argument i needed to go for this beauty, thanks a lot!

  19. Jim B says:

    Very good test ride report. Answered a lot of questions I had about suspension. Thanks

  20. Mark Gailmor says:

    I was loving this bike until you mentioned the suspension. I'll keep checking out other bikes until I find one that I really like. Until then, I'll enjoy all of my own, BMW's that are simply a blast to ride!

  21. delta7090 says:

    How comfortable is this bike for shorter guys? I'm 5'6 so I'm a fair bit shorter than most.

  22. What would you recommend if I were doing a 3 to 4 day trip at 300 to 400 miles per day and I wanted this aesthetic? Thanks.

  23. Any tips for a beginner cruiser?

  24. Rt 32/611 is some nice riding, ain't it? (keep it under your hat 😛 )

  25. ctavora222 says:

    I have got to say that this review is what made me decide to pull the trigger on one. Got my very first Triumph and i am loving it !!!!! The biggest question i have is where you get you t-shirt from?!?!?!

    Awesome review Spurg !!!!

  26. What kind of handle bars are those?

  27. Gokul rao says:

    What's the top speed the bike can go

  28. miteor says:

    Please stop using the exaggerated hand gestures…

  29. Jason Lee says:

    Nice video~ That bike is just beatiful, great review dude!btw, what's the brand of the lether jacket and the gloves from that guy? looks classy, would like to get one.

  30. Are you guys planning a review for the new Bonnie 120 bikes?

  31. Devin Bush says:

    hey are you guys going to do a t120 review?

  32. Luca Grauso says:

    Nice review! Thank you very much therefor. What do you think, which motorbike will be the best for a beginner? The street twin, bonneville t120 or thruxton r?

  33. Sacha N says:

    Is the kawasaki w800 available there? I'd like a review this good about that bike.

  34. Paul Tiplea says:

    Is this bike comfortable for taller guys? I'm 6'4 215 lbs

  35. 2HELNBAK says:

    They all look good from previous generations (old school/new school) but lose the badging name on the oil tank Triumph !!

  36. s4n714g000 says:

    First time I've seen a video from this channel, the quality of everything is just amazing, you guys did a real good job on this one.

  37. Spurg – would this be a good first bike for me?  I like the look of the street twin and it seems like it would be manageable for a beginner.  I would be using this for around town commuting in San Diego

  38. Raunak Dave' says:

    What a fantastic review! Keep these comin Revzilla…

  39. he mentioned centre stand.a first for a reviewer.thanks

  40. Me being 5'6" and a new ridder would this be an okay bike

  41. Burç AKBAŞ says:

    haha cool inline advertising 😉 nice boots btw

  42. a really hard choice….ducati scrambler vs triumph street twin….

  43. Triumph Street Twin or Moto Guzzi V7 Racer???!! Torn between the two and can't decide!

  44. M Rod says:

    Are you guys going to review the T120 and the Thruxton?

  45. zerocool6370 says:

    those turn signals look almost identical to the lights on my Vulcan S

  46. M Irfan says:

    best reviews, keep it up :)

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