Triumph Street Twin | First Ride |

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32 Comments to “Triumph Street Twin | First Ride |”

  1. Yi Zhang says:

    Is this good for touring on highway (60-75 mph)? I ride a 2010 street triple and am afraid of losing too much power and torque on this one.

  2. Stuff the audio just enjoying looking at that fantastic bike , excellent for my wife to ride with such a low seat height. love it .

  3. Damn! That thruxton r, so much want!

  4. Giff Gaff says:

    Did he just say something?

  5. Smidhja says:

    Great quickie review, thanks.

  6. Johan Trybom says:

    when will you guys have a test ride withe the bonnie t120?

  7. steve steeve says:

    Your guys video's are terrible in contrast to the quality of your website, you should be nailing it? You guys seen the Auto trader stuff? Video is such a good source of revenue, I'd love for the quality of your content to be reflected in your youtube account. If you need a hand, I'll happily give my time :P

  8. iglwy says:

    Buy yourself a used Honda NT650V Deauville and save yourself a shed load of money.

  9. DaBrute says:

    Is it really that hard to record decent audio?

  10. Siper2 says:

    I'd take a Thruxton R with standard bars, if I could design it as such. Either way, great range of new Bonnies!

  11. Erikootje says:

    radiator fucks up the look bigtime, rather have the scrambler, but big thumps up for all the electronic updates, like rode modes, traction control and even fucking slipper clutch and a usb port lol. That said, I prefer Hondas CB1100EX.

  12. safewaycart says:

    I don't see the seacock underneath the engine. Is it possible to use this bike on plain tarmac too?

  13. order9066 says:

    Audio was recorded or video was rendered in mono/left channel only.


  15. Andy P says:

    Just ditch the background music, it does nothing except add an annoying tick tick to the poor voice audio quality. At least your video quality is getting better but without decent audio it's pointless.

  16. My 2002 Bonnie made 79 at the rear wheel, about 40% more torque, and was bored out to the same CC…

  17. carbonarc23 says:

    Didn't have any problem with the audio. Good video

  18. Gary Lowe says:

    I bet that custom exhaust will cook your leg. why did they run it so high?

  19. Death666wish says:

    I had no problem with the sound, good review. Lovely bike, but I'm leaning more towards the V7 II, won't get a bike soon though, so who knows what happens for 2017. But hot dang 750mm seat height sounds so sweet to me! The Guzzi has a 790 one. Though it has 10 liters of fuel over the Triumph at 22 liters.

  20. morphie12 says:

    I think the emphasis on torque is misplaced; yes, it is useful, but not at the expense of peak power. I hope I am incorrect, but I think this may be a major marketing mistake on the part of Triumph.

  21. 54hp is a bit sad, I hope it has been designed as a LAMS model. I was hoping for 110hp for the other models but it doesn't seem likely now!

  22. love the new triumph range, so badly want to see a review of the new thruxton R

  23. gone rydin says:

    I miss round headlights. I would almost buy one of these based on that alone.

  24. trail gnome says:

    fruity is a compliment in the U.K.?

  25. HatcheDWheeL says:

    Always with the terrible audio! Over and over again.

  26. Funnily enough, I'm thinking of going back to Triumph. I'm considering a Bonnie but after hearing the aftermarket pipes and the price, I could be swayed.

    For the record, the audio's fine. Had no issues with it. Neevesy's videos are always well made.

  27. I'm in love with the new Thruxton R! 💯 That bike is so my style. Now its the prefect time for Ducati to bring back the Sport Classic. :D

  28. joshua brown says:

    Finally, some decent production value and a reasonably good review, if a bit brief.
    Again with the audio though, is it too hard to buy a decent microphone…?
    A bit of money on a Zoom H4n or even the IQ would go a long way.

    Visor down seem miles ahead in online presence. I appreciate MCN's access and experience though, so I hope there is a plan for when no one buys the paper anymore.

    The car and bike magazines in the US seem to have woken up a bit earlier.

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