Triumph Street Twin – 1st Ride & Review

It’s Tally Bally Here! My 1st ride and review of the New Triumph Street Twin 900! I had to wait to be able to post this on here as the launch isn’t until Thursday …


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  1. Test rode a Twin today, the Cap'n is right and not remotely OTT. Immediately ordered one to replace my lovely Street Triple. Thank you Captain and TBH!

  2. can low saddle be a problem for a tall person?? for its uncomfort

  3. John Spencer says:

    Captain, I got a silver open face for the DGR.

  4. FG Slxsh3r says:

    its a great bike , i love her so much !!!!
    its my big and only love !!!
    Robert from Germany

  5. Steven Hill says:

    panic over…turned out to be an over zealous sensor for the side stand

  6. Steven Hill says:

    Bike being picked up to go back to Triumph today…clutch has decided not to work properly, 50 miles on the clock, not impressed!

  7. love this bike so much, I think it hurts

  8. Steven Hill says:

    At last, picked up the street twin this week after 8 long weeks waiting (was that a double moron or oxy negative or something?) anyway, lovely bike, lovely sound but totally different riding style to what I am used to.

  9. Excellent video, but would have prefered if you removed the camera looking at you, its just not needed. Great vids

  10. I love your enthusiasm and knowledge! This has completely sold me on the Street Twin!

  11. Steven Hill says:

    Just watched this again for the umpteenth time (probably pathetic), and another week passed without a call from the dealer…Tally bloody long wait, oops copyright infringement.

  12. Rick Zolla says:

    Yes, yes, but did you enjoy it? LOL!!!

  13. Tally Bally Ho Captain! Great vid as always! Been aching to get myself a Triumph for years now and suddenly they come out with all these new bikes! =) Do you think a new Street Twin is a worthwhile upgrade from a used Bonnie? In my part of the woods I could get a used Bonnie, T100 or possibly even a Thruxton for around Eur 7K, whereas the new Street Twin costs Eur 11K. Is the improved build quality and all the new tech worth the price difference in your opinion? Thanks!

  14. I have the Street twin. Great Bike still running it in (supposedly) and have added a load of staying extras with bench seat, indicators, grips, pipes and fender eliminator kit.
    I am considering a fly screen as its awful past 65mph due to its nakedness ooohh eeerrrr

  15. Jana Tilton says:

    Hey there Captain! I live in the states, and I'm wondering what you would choose. I love the new Street Twin, on paper, unfortunately they are extremely difficult to get hands on here. Since you ride the Thruxton and have test ridden the Twin, which bike would be better? I currently own a Harley Sportster, and I hate it. I don't plan on touring, and my commute is about 45 minutes or so. Mixed driving, of highway and city.

  16. Prius says:

    so I've been debating between this, the ducati scrambler and the yahama sr400. your joy in riding this bike has definitely leaned me in the direction of the triumph. well that, the seat height, the abs and the traction control.

  17. poit444 says:

    I had to come back to this one:brilliant video Cap! "Throaty, lovely, light, and nimble" is a such a good description. The Street Twin is possibly the best of the bunch if $ is considered.

  18. Mark Gomes says:

    Great review. Love your narrative. You've got another follower. Oh love the bike. I'm getting it!! Period.

  19. Realy funny and "real" review…compliments.

  20. Les Laxson says:

    Does the Rim tape look like it could be taken off or is it clear coated over?

  21. I was so leaning to a sports bike at first, but I went into a dealership yesterday and sat on this and it is so amazing! I'm 5'7/130Ib and this thing Is freaking light! from a distance it looks heavy but it's not! and it's beautiful as well!

  22. immyboi says:

    What an excellent detailed and entertaining review! Great job!!

    Can't for the Street Twin to launch in Dubai :)

  23. 1990 says:

    3:36 'Everything seems much a nicer finish. Like a Harley-Davidson finish …' I've never heard anyone claim that H-D's are well-finished.

    Where's the rev counter? Sounds like the pegs are in the wrong position. 95 kg dry! It's a mini moto.

    Thorough review.

  24. Really want you to know that your review has cost me a Street Twin! Love the ride and I'm only 500 miles in, great bike.

  25. 11.24 'it weighs 95kg dry'….eh????

  26. Shit, Im drooling for this bike, can't wait to arrive here. So basically this replaces the t100

    Thanks for this awesome review.

    greetings from Mexico city

  27. Damn your eyes, Captain Rambunctious, for such wonderful reviews! Now, if you had a choice between a Street Twin and a Thruxton (the 900, not the new series) which would you prefer? (For this we are assuming that fitting Your Tallness on a ST is an issue, and just going on mechanical and handling merits.) I'm torn between staying relatively old-school or getting on board with the liquid-cooled wave of the future.

  28. chaseybears says:

    No rev counter?….Im 58 years young, and for years we screamed….put rev counters on, and they did on old late 60 and 70s triumphs….why oh why start taking them off? Saving money?

  29. ZioN DannY says:

    Fix the microphone, dude!

  30. great to watch, on my wish list

  31. LA Newspace says:

    Thanks for the great review! I really enjoyed your genuine excitement.

  32. William Dent says:

    Thanks captain … Everything I need to know .. most of what I wanted to know ….and a whole lot of stuff that ….. well I guess we put down to idiosyncrasy …… Sounds like my perfect bike .. except for one fatal flaw .. a 12 litre tank just doesn't cut it when you live in Australia

  33. subhan khan says:

    Thank you for the great review. I'm saving to buy one. Hopefully, will buy it before the end of this year :D

  34. David Alfaro says:

    Wonderful review. (mudguard eliminator bar end mirrors compact indicators bench seat ace handlebars spoke rims and an aftermarket exhaust, maybe a smaller front wheel).. Does anyone know if it's possible to add a tachometer??

  35. Doticaster says:

    Awesome, you've caught my attention, changed my mind, thrown a spanner in the works and made me want one, lol. My first bike was and is a cruiser, but now after this review I'm doubting my cruising loyalty.
    I don't really know why I'm currently in such a dilemma, haven't done my das yet, still riding off the cbt. I'm too busy dreaming and watching YouTube when I should be busy booking my test.
    Great review fella, love it✊

  36. they make lovely bikes in Thailand ey

  37. Really like the look and sound of this new street twin, good review lad !

  38. pimpjuice739 says:

    Do you think this would make a great first bike?

  39. Phil Rounds says:

    I wonder if they'll take my TT in trade……

  40. i love the bike but bit concerned by some of the riding in this video .. when it says slow on the road thats not the cue to gun it ,,, one hand on the bar as you shoot past a filling station ,were as we all know the road is slippery from overfilled cars vans ect and people have habit of turning out/in without warning . you spent most of the video speeding with one hand off the bars making hand gestures and at one stage well over 70 mph not good .

  41. Wolfie Pics says:

    Your the third vlogger that has reviewed this bike.. and well i love it, I love the old bonnie`s from my dad lol… Awesome review.. great vid.. your really funny funny lol.. haha – and for the awesome review and you being funny .. i`ve subbed you.. awesome stuff

  42. djiatro says:

    I ride a HD street 750, I found the bike a lil low for my liking as am 6.1". I ride only in the city and no long rides. Will u advice street twin for me cap?

  43. DeAnO1473 says:

    Just saw the bike world review of the 2016 Thruxton R.. Wow!! What do you think of it? Triumph has really brought their A-Game this year!

  44. ukchris64 says:

    Great video, good informative entertaining review. I like how you moan you are so tall, where as I on the other hand at 5.9 get intimidated by all the off road style bikes that I like, I feel this is a bike I would like to own.

  45. Getting withdrawal symptoms over here. Where you gone? I know you are busy but we, the public, the great unwashed, the peasantry of the mediocrity that Britain is fast becoming need some relief from our dull and boring existence. That means a regular injection of the old TALLY BALLY HO!

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