Triumph Street Triple RX | Long Term Report |

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49 Comments to “Triumph Street Triple RX | Long Term Report |”

  1. Please can some one help me out here. Why do British women cut their hair shorter than men & don't color it?

  2. TheWh1teHawk says:

    Why is a grandma doing a review on a sports bike instead of someone in the 20 or 30

  3. Rekn Cycles says:

    I'd be crying if I had to give up a 675

  4. Nice, beautiful and brave woman, lovely on her bike, we need more women riding, motorbikes are for everyone, this is wonderful, i like it; and of course the street triple is my dream that one day will become true

  5. turbo311 says:

    Very nice. I have the Rx. A little upset that they're doing an Rx black this year. Great bike, love the accessories it comes with but I sometimes wish I had the standard seat not the Daytona one.

  6. SmarT Odd says:

    Brilliant – great to see you enjoying the bike – can't wait to get mine; enjoying my first bike, which is a CB500F, but with everyone raving about the street triple…well I'm sure it's gonna be a nice step up!

  7. Barbudo says:

    Has she posted any clip of the exaust sound?

  8. Great to see a long term review of this bike! However for future reviews I would suggest not to test a bike that is completely different from what you normally ride. If you have no other bike of similar type to compare to then the review is almost useless. Also you forgot to say what kind of bikes you normally ride, you just mentioned that they were slower and with softer suspension?

    I just bought a Street Triple R myself and personally I think it is a less aggressive and more comfortable bike when compared to to what I am used to. I do agree that the sound is amazing, probably one of the best sounding bikes available.

  9. E Brown says:

    Nice review, but I'm biased as I've always loved the Street Triple. It was a said day when I discovered I'm a bit too tall to be comfortable on one. That's a great color scheme for it as well.

  10. so you have a great bike to a woman who probably rides a BMW GS and calls it the fastest bike she'll ever ride…

  11. Johny40Se7en says:

    Lovely bike and colour scheme. What are bikes like this classed as in general, naked sports tourer?

  12. Roxic12 says:

    Nice review, as a woman myself on the street triple, its nice to see another woman review it.

  13. she did 142mph that's awesome.she is one fast women.

  14. So impressed with my street triple now with 20000 on the clock, I've bought a street triple RX . Oh and anyone who says they are nowhere near as good as a jap bike has probably not ridden one.

  15. RoadTracer says:

    More of that goodness please….! It was utterly fantastic seeing ladies's review. Well done!

  16. down pipes look manky,,,, stainless ? thanks

  17. chris Browse says:

    how boring is she! she might aswell buy a cb650 women have no clue

  18. Ian P says:

    There is nothing wrong with a normal persons viewpoint. There's loads of racer reviews out there. If you get offended by this type of review watch on of those. I find the raging quite funny, like it's actually important, LMAO.

  19. okleydokley says:

    can MCN not afford a decent camera and mic? any smartphone would do better than whatever potato you are using.

  20. Dan Kemp says:

    Firstly how is it a fair review if she's changed things like tyres and the exhaust can, that's not a long term experience of the factory set bike.

    Secondly she's complaining it was too 'sport bike' like for her. Whether she works for mcn or not, anyone who doesn't like a sport bike aren't going to get a sport bike are they?? So why give someone who doesn't like sport bikes to review a sport bike and then she made changes to it anyway 😑

    Unfortunately I did not THOROUGHLY ENJOY this review. Jeez I bet people get so fed up of hearing that from her everyday.

  21. Having the use of a long term loaner is awesome but the real question is, Would you drop your own hard earned money on one Alison?

  22. ShadowMKII says:

    "… and I thoroughly enjoyed it." 😉

    But honestly, really cool to hear a woman reviewing a bike. It is also really cool to hear the different changes made to the bike and why, along with how the rider adapted to something they've never ridden before and expressing their views on it.

    Cool review – would watch more of the same.

  23. WhatTheBL!P says:

    Nice review, I took my RX across Canada and back this past summer. Never had a problem and it was a joy to ride. I wanted something that had a more comfortable position then a super sport, but still had the sportiness to really enjoy the fantastic roads available across Canada. Met a guy along the way doing the same thing on an R6 and he had to cut his days a good bit shorter. One of my days ended up being 16 hours of nonstop riding outside of getting gas and fast meals. (The Canadian prairies are the only terrible and boring part of Canada) I don't see myself selling this bike anytime soon.

  24. blade643 says:

    People from the UK don't say miles… Calling ducktales on this episode

  25. Frank Torre says:

    Great review. Can't go wrong with a Triumph. Love em and rode one since I was 16.

  26. PistonHeads says:

    Sorry, im not sure i understood….did you really thoroughly enjoyed your experience on the bike?

  27. Good call on putting a bit softer tires on it, it is very hard and darty with factory tires and I find the suspension quite stiff too, pretty aggresive for in town riding! nice job topping it out, that bike is properly fast!!

  28. MotoErgoSum says:

    My old tuned 955i topped out to 155mph indicated, so 152 isn't bad at all for a 675. John Thomas would be hard-pressed to best that.

  29. Daniel Croft says:

    Good to see different perspectives from you guys, thanks!

  30. TripleTorque says:

    Ignore the sexist comments! I think it's really awesome having a lady review the bike, and there should be more reviews from women. Nice one MCN. On another note I love my Street Triple R – it's a blinding bike.

  31. Alex Johnson says:

    15 k miles on my ST RX and no problems except the rear seat coming off like she mentioned. I love that bike. My brothers Daytona 675R is the better bike, though.

  32. Jason ward says:

    at least the walkers won't be able to keep up Carol

  33. DopestDope says:

    my question why get a sports bike and use the terms like, "less forgiving" "less sports like". Why didn't you get a "non sports" bike? I don't get it, like sports bikes are suppose to be sports bikes. Get a cruiser if you are not into sports or get a scooter. Jesus Christ dude. Its like getting an american muscle and trying to save fuel and say "less forgiving on my budget" "less gas wasted per mile".

  34. brandywell44 says:

    There's a better story about this bike, and thats price differential within the EU. For example in France the Street Triple is £5,775 but here in the UK is £7,500. That's £1,725 more expensive here in the UK. Triumph, why the harsh commercial decision? And to British buyers, does this offend you? Check out these links to verify and also

  35. veteq101 says:

    Very nice long term review, well done.

  36. Nicely done! You look great with that Triumph. 👍🏽😊

  37. MotoBoy says:

    First off, what an exciting review…NOT! And second, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PUT A WOMAN ON IT THAT'S NEVER RIDDEN A SPORTBIKE!?? She was literally "afraid" to ride it. Is MCN fucking retarded??!? Smh…

  38. Triumph don't make a good bike. Anything with a British flag on it is a warning of unreliability and bad build quality. I would rather give my money to charity than ever buy a Triumph. Ugly weird bikes that are a million miles behind the Japanese in every way. Sad but true.

  39. Nice long term review, I love my street R, though not the RX as you had. The bike is solid and holds it own with the likes of 600cc super sports. I sold my GSX-R 600 to put towards buying my 2014 STR, will never go back I think to a super sport, I had all the torque & power I want, plus it's such a nice ride 🙂

    I've always been impressed with the build quality of Triumph and I wish I made the switch early.

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