Triumph Street Triple R! Amazing Sound!

A quick Blat on a 2013 Triumph Street Triple R! The sound of this bike is amazing! Many thanks to SMO! Go check his channel out.


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49 Comments to “Triumph Street Triple R! Amazing Sound!”

  1. Martin Hume says:

    what cc model is this 1050 or 675?

  2. Cody Johnson says:

    That exhaust sounds really nice. It's seems cheaper than most brands though? Should I be suspicious?

  3. ollie-xt says:

    That's an orgasmic sound!

  4. CasB Rides says:

    Ah, another one that has fallen for the mid-range of the mighty triple!

  5. 2010morra says:

    I just hope that at some point in the future I can afford one of these, or a Dayton. Maybes once I'm finished my apprenticeship.

  6. ApexIXMR says:

    The day has finally come! Always wanted to get your opinion on a Street Triple R. Great bike. Going to be adding a new one next to my 400SM soon :)

  7. Adam Mcf says:

    spicy turn on subtitles and go to 2:03

  8. BIKER MIST says:

    spicy has the force in him (the traffic lights? ;)

  9. +spicy110 Did I see you today going towards the ferry? I was learning to drive today and you overtook me in a blue fiat think I saw SMO going there too on this bike

  10. No more christmas intro music?

  11. Spicy110. Please tell me the song that you got that intro music from.

  12. jo0osh says:

    speeding? nah mate what you on about.

  13. G. Bell says:

    Love the new intro but RIP headphone users… and I'm guessing you like the speed triple then.

  14. Hey, I need some help, I'm looking to buy a Sinnis Apache 125 and i have one issue, I'm unsure on how the fueling works on it as I cannot find any information, if anyone could help that would be great thanks

  15. Andy Bryant says:

    aha triples ahoy now then have a go on an MT09 Tracer

  16. I guess the sound of the triple is just like the sound of a 2-stroke. You either love it or hate it. I for myself don't appreciate it very much.

  17. The perfect sounding video yet! The best bike sound and intro sound :D

  18. Wil Collins says:

    Such a cute little bike…I think I'll stick to my Speed Triple…

  19. TBBS BailOut says:

    I just rode the Stripple Rx, and it was fucking amazing. At least you did a proper review minew as just orgasm noises

  20. Benny Bones says:

    Going a it quick there aren't we spice?

  21. I found the same with triumph dealer near you. they said I can ride some bikes but the slow ones xD. and fuck that bike sounds amazing !

  22. Simonize41 says:

    Vury niiice!!🤘🏻😈

  23. Joe Cantrell says:

    just bought a 2008 street triple with only 1300 miles on it. really enjoy your channel.

  24. I saw the drz in person for the first time yesterday at macdonalds n i must say it's a lot smaller than I imagined ahaha

  25. Bimble says:

    Ps, Congrats on 55k Spicy! Good on ya man :)

  26. JustOneOnOne says:

    How to tell if he is breaking the speed limit, It gets blurred
    "I'm sorry officer I don't know what speed i was going, my dash became pixelated once I hit 60mph"

  27. Bimble says:

    My mate Bizz has the black & red version of Smo's 675….it makes sex in my ears! Hnnnng! >_<

    ….I've got red on me ;)

  28. since a kid triumph has been my favourite make if bike. the old Bonnie was just a classic bike. my neighbour built his into a custom chop. sacrilege to some. awesome looking to me. very lucky to ride such a machine. Amazing how bikes have changed threw the year's. my old Suzuki x5200 seems so simple compared to the knew race built models. my next bike will be a bobba rat bike. I'm not too interested in speed, although I wouldn't say no to having a blast on a race model. I still have alot of my old BACK STREET HERO'S mags. as I don't ride at mo these people I follow is a fix for me. kinda a virtual ride lol loved the sound as you mentioned, and seemed it just is a bike that can leave most in the dust at a traffic light. quit impressive.


  30. picman1986 says:

    kinda guessed you might be on Smo's Street Triple 😊

  31. Keith Elms says:

    Your welcome to take my scrambler for a brap. I'm not that far from loomies

  32. There alright bikes i suppose ;)

  33. husky 9 says:

    Nice that intro music sounds a lot better👍🏼

  34. Evor says:

    why do You blur the speedo

  35. James Baker says:

    had a go on my dads street triple the other day. purple and gold coloured and full arrow exhaust system. what a machine.

  36. Motonion says:

    They do sound great. That little whistle is just the best isn't it.

  37. Thought I saw you on this going over the bridge in bedhampton

  38. Rage Quit87 says:

    this will be next bike! with every test ride i love it more and more

  39. Hated the last intro music. Like the new one. I've been looking at a couple of street triples. Just, by a nats pube, out of my price range. How much do kidneys go for?

  40. Love that odd cylinder sound.

  41. NISSAN DORI says:

    They really do sound smart

  42. Wolfie Pics says:

    Cool intro tune, straight to the point.. So this is where you went, was waiting ages with the camera haha…. That is an awesome bike, The pop & Crackle is awesome on this bike..

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