Triumph Street Triple – Bar End Mirrors Installation

I’ve been wondering whether to change the mirrors on my 2012 Street Triple R for some time, I’ve finally taken the plunge and splashed out on the Triumph OEM …


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  1. can you use those bar ends mirrors for 2011 speed triple 1050 yes or no

  2. Pikes Legacy says:

    do they half to go in the bar end can they go on the handlebars

  3. RyanTCB says:

    Just installed my bar end mirrors after watching this video and wow. I can actually see behind me and I don't have to lean to one side to do so. I know many people go for heated grips as a must have but these are excellent. best mod I have done.

  4. Been thinking about changing my mirrors to these on my street triple r, price put me off a bit, put they look like good quality, think I'll be placing a order very soon. Thanks for the video.

  5. ugalde says:

    how is the visibility when you're going fast, do they vibrate ??

  6. Scylene says:

    I have a stupid question but at 7:15 you use a mallet to get the fastener in…if you wanted to switch back to the stock mirrors how would you get that piece out? It seems like it would be really stuck in there.

  7. PopkosCZ says:

    I´ve got problem with similiar mirrors like this, but not by the Triumph. When i ride over bump or ride faster, the mirrors are bending down ( the part with mirror only ) and its very irritating.. Do you have some tip, for stucking them in one place? Thanks.

  8. bl0at3r says:

    Thanks for the useful video – I've just fitted one to my Speed 94. They are very well made and fit really nicely. I currently have the mirror inboard above the bars – I've seen several with them underslung but couldn't get them to work like that without hitting the tank.

  9. Simon B says:

    The bars come with an ally insert which is threaded on one side it came out with the origional bar cap but the other side stayed in place do you have any tips on getting it out?? Cheers Simon

  10. Neil Capper says:

    I'm intrigued; what's the alloy part on the red scissor stand (right of the frame) at the end of the video? The upper part looks like a carb but I'm not sure…

  11. Be really keen to hear how you like mirrors. Thinking of doing the same, only thing that's bugging me is the fact they make the bars look really wide.

  12. Boodieman72 says:

    I don't like the look of them at all. The big question is, do you get better rear visibility than the standard ones?

  13. i like the look of them but would struggle getting my bike through the doorway were I keep my bike,,with the extra width,, and would maybe reduce your filtering in a tight squeeze situation maybe,, I want to replace brake fluid res,, on my speed triple dot like the look of the plastic ones they look rubbish,,, good video take care shane

  14. You must have read my mind in posting this video.

  15. HarriR09 says:

    Something seems 'off' with the video quality? De-focussed slightly maybe? A good video nonetheless, and I much prefer the new mirrors!

  16. Tiger8 says:

    Nice Job, Love the Mirrors. Please can you buy yourself a decent set of ball end Allen keys it makes me cringe when i see you using ones that look like they come with a meccano set or some flat pack furniture lol, You don't have to pay a fortune try these Draper Expert you get a set of metric and a set of imperial for £15.99 BARGAIN!!!

  17. Dobbo2958 says:

    Great product and from what i've seen worth the money,,, just anyway. Had one Street Triple my self loved it. Watch all you video's thanks for the entertainment.

  18. SLOrider says:

    whitch camera are you using?

  19. tomination32 says:

    What's different about your seat compared to the stock saddle ?

  20. Tiger Jim says:

    Lovely set of mirrors. They're needed more on the new Street Triple's than the old ones with those ugly stock mirrors. A set of those would look nice on a modern black Thruxton as well

  21. another good video keep them  coming

  22. MattAshton says:

    Can you have these mirrors the opposite way round and hang under the bar ends? not sure if it would look rediculous or not, good video none the less I thought it was a massive task to install them haha. Do more videos on the street triple please! :)

  23. Craig Perry says:

    Having them set outboard seems to work best for me. Couldn't pay me to go back to stock now!

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