Triumph Street Triple 660 Test Ride | What A Glorious Bike!

In Australia, the LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) restricts riders to bikes of 660cc or less and limited power to weight. Triumph have kindly built a 660cc version of their Street Triple (normally 675cc) to sell to riders on a restricted licence. Thank you Triumph.

The chassis, brakes, tyres and suspension are pretty much the same as the 675, so if you’re looking for a “grown up” learner bike you can enjoy for years, this could be the one. I loved it. It’s awesome.


Playlist of all my learner-legal motorcycle test rides:

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13 Comments to “Triumph Street Triple 660 Test Ride | What A Glorious Bike!”

  1. Jeremy Davis says:

    Think i've made up my mind about getting a Ninja 300 now over this. Thanks~!! $1000 Price range and difference of power with the 675r did it for me haha

  2. MrBikeRida says:

    Been trying to find reviews on this thing and your's has been the only one that has been good. Keep up the vids :)

  3. TheZallene says:

    Yeah the price definitely is a deterrent, especially being a uni student. But I can't stand the thought of having to spend another 2+ years on my ninja 300. Plus, these things seem to hold their resale value very well, plenty on bikesales with 25,000km+ being sold for $10k. I've also considered the mt07, but realistically it'd only be a price difference of around $2k and the striple seems to have a far better build quality.

  4. Hagz says:

    The first bike I took for a test ride after I bought my CBR500 was the Striple 660. Absolutely fell in love. The price kept me back in the end. Couldn't justify it 😛 It'd be a keeper for sure, though. This is the cream of the LAMS crop. A couple extra teeth on that rear sprocket might bring back some of the cheekiness that the LAMS restrictions took out ;)

  5. I GolfinOz says:

    I love my 660 but seriously considering removing the throttle restriction screw. There's so little travel on the stock throttle compared to the 675. Just need to work out how to remove the airbox. 85hp would be nice…

  6. omg1872 says:

    love your vids man!!! please do a review on the honda cbr650f

  7. David Svec says:

    Thank you for the review😏

  8. hey mate, could you please try and do a review of a royal enfield continental gt or the bullet??

  9. bangyahead1 says:

    There would be no point in buying that bike then upgrading to the 675 when you come off your restricted license. Jump to the 800, maybe

  10. Paul Gregroy says:

    Hay! Such a Wonderful Video, i have the Street Triple 2011 R its a Real Cool bike,i allways buy second-hand nowdays low mileage under 3K.

  11. Bernievids says:

    Procycles wants their bike back.

  12. Hauswolf says:

    "divides the crowd is with these headlights…. i do think they're pretty fugly" Frkn loool had a good laugh hearing that pause and statement. Couldnt agree with you less lol!

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