Triumph Sprint with Night Breakers

Fitting some high lume bulbs to my Sprint. This isn’t a ‘how to’ guide, peeps, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the standard lights. I like working on the …


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  1. Lawrence Coe says:

    I've got the bike now and done a few hundred miles on her.. lovely machine – completely effortless… but the headlights are indeed terrifying at night! I guess I was just used to having some decent lamps on my old GSXF.. but yeah, terrifying.. and the main beam is like a torch.. not quite sure what triumph were thinking there… good to hear they went back to reflector type on the newer GT's though šŸ™‚ anyway, thanks again and keep shiny side up!

  2. Flosailor says:

    Cheers Lawrence! Hope you enjoy your new bike. šŸ™‚

    Try the stock lights before reaching for the plastic! They aren't anything like as bad as people insist. The nightbreakers are actually a bit much, if I'm honest. Cars sometimes flash me, thinking I've left full beam on. (They're correctly adjusted. I think it's seeing two bright lights on a cycle that confuses the car drivers.)

    It really is a lovely bike, though. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  3. Lawrence Coe says:

    Thanks for this buddy šŸ™‚ (i'm picking up my 1050 on in a couple of days and have heard the stock headlights aren't the best! – looking forward to getting her though!)

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