Triumph Speed Triple ABS 2015 – First ride, review and walkaround – Super Naked Motorcycle

The Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc super naked motorcycle is taken out by staff member, Ade, who is keen on adding a powerful …


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  1. speedo 1050 says:

    Hopefully I have successfully downloaded vid of my speed with long long awaited arrival of the Arrow exhuasts. under the title of Arrows.

  2. a 2.3 triumph rocket 3 . Try the Roadster

  3. try a rocket 3 , it does all this and more ooooh yesss

  4. Chris B says:

    Great review – as well as honest opinions and sound info had me in stitches – thumbs up ; )

  5. Midlands 72 says:

    Good review but hate your camera position. I slapped mine on the side of my lid as I found it gave better views when looking down at the clocks.

  6. Roman Ellis says:

    You can adjust the blue flashing light to a higher rev limit mate 

  7. Ducati Drew says:

    Opted for the Aprilia Tuono in lieu of the Speed Triple for one reason….get rid of that "Whistling" noise when you rev the triple.  So annoying!  Also, the Aprilia handled much better cornering.

  8. Thanks for the reply will be doing a review of the speed triple soon and it has big boots to fill from my last bike truly a super beast zx10r cheers shane 

  9. It's not really a beast ..animal or even what I would call fast but has character and a certain charm for every day riding ..guess it depends what you have jumped off before getting on this tame triple but ha e that's my opinion and that's the point isn't it ..I don't share your view ..try the BMW 1000 or v4 aprillia they have got fast animal rip ur arms off power 

  10. cwugrad396 says:

    you can adjust the blue lights … I have mine set to only come on when it redlines

  11. 796andy2 says:

    red ones are faster …

  12. dry509 says:

    Did you like this better than the Kaw z1000 or the Suzuki? Or the BMW s1000r? What is your favorite bike so far?

  13. Virtu FA says:

    Wadayaknow I rode this exact bike on my channel! Great review, great bike. 😀

  14. IonStarX says:

    When triple accelerating, I just love the noise! Well done with the review!

  15. hudsonrilke says:

    Nice review Ade. Gotta try one myself. Before end of June they come with the arrows and gel seat anodized brake reservoirs. 

  16. mark h says:

    good review Ade, try an MV Brutale, worth checking out if your after a super naked.

  17. Nice bike ,I looked at this bike before I bought the 1000r for 11500,you get so much more for your money eg 160 horses ,cruise control ,t/control ,quick shifter ,esp, just makes the triumph look so dated,but nice bike anyway.

  18. Lord Birch says:

    Have you tried the street triple yet mate? Lighter, smaller engine but not much slower, I'm still in love with mine after 2 years.

  19. Which Bike says:

    Triumph's fastest motorcycle, the Speed Triple.
    Pussycat or sleeping nutter-mobile ?

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