Triumph Rocket III Roadster – the world’s craziest motorbike

A film that tells you everything you’ve always wanted to know about Triumph’s Rocket III Roadster, but were too afraid to ask. Film by Dumpling Productions.


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25 Comments to “Triumph Rocket III Roadster – the world’s craziest motorbike”

  1. Stopped watching when the lawyers had the first word ie didn't even make it 10 seconds in.

  2. greg meister says:

    omg. who needs a wife or a gf, when you can just have this baby!!!

  3. Uncle Jane says:

    Highly annoying video. We don't want to see his head ffs. We just want to see the bike.

  4. What's that shite warnings at the end for? It's not a pram for pussies, it's a bike for MEN.

  5. I read that the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster is 2,500 or 98.3 inches long which is huge. Is this true?

  6. Gary W says:

    Would like to see another color option on it. Perhaps a dark grey/bronze??

  7. madonna ma sto stronzo che parla non fa sentire minimamente il suono e che cazzo, si sente il suono… e 2 secondi dopo inizia a parlare, ma statte zitto

  8. Firstk Lastp says:

    Makes Jeremy Clarkson look like a big old poof

  9. Firstk Lastp says:

    Like the old days when riders used to ride like bastards ,now they ride like politically correct feminist stooges

  10. Firstk Lastp says:

    Love it ! but Red, not boring bloody black ,tough arse bike ,that kicks arse

  11. ExBuickRacer says:

    I own both a Harley and a Rocket 3 and there is no comparison; the R3 blows away the Harley in every performance metric. I sold my Honda CBR to move to a Rocket (big change, I know) and at 5'9" & 165 lbs. it fits me perfectly. Is this bike an "acquired taste", so to speak? Yes; it looks daunting and isn't the prettiest girl at the prom. But, I still can't get over how a bike this massive can corner so well, beetle along in stop & go traffic, yet maintain an uncanny ability to make things just disappear in the rear view mirror. Han Solo was right and could have been describing the Rocket and not the Millennium Falcon when he said, "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."


  13. JC Denton says:

    Man that looks like the sickest bike ever! And that dude that's riding it, he must be a pro; man handling that beast like it was a toy.

  14. This is a super motorbike: probably one of the best… unless you are taller than 6.1" (185 cm). If that is the case, unfortunately the bike is too small: distance between the seat and the pegs is too short. I wanted to buy that bike but, once I tried it, I become disappointed (I'm 6.4"). Instead, I bought the Thunderbird LT 1700. It fits me incredible. Certainly the engine is not that powerful but still good enough to feel the power of the 151nm.

  15. gallor1able says:

    Trading in my Speed Triple for one this week Ohhhhh Goooddie

  16. Mark Cowan says:

    What imbecile decided it was a good idea to move the pegs back 5 inches, this is a cruiser Triumph

  17. Gobby Prick says:

    That thing is the destroyer of worlds.

  18. zimtuff says:

    One thing that disappoints me about this and other videos about R3  is that they always emphasise the HP and torque.The R3 is actually a very good bike for long trips where you might want to cover 700 klms a day or  more. Its length gives you enormous amounts of room for luggage without crowding the rider or pillion. The big tyres soak up the road vibration . Nearly all the youtube videos go on endlessly about the engines size and hp. There are also the ridiculous comparisons with Vrods, Dievel's and Vmax's when they should be comparing an R3 with the larger framed bikes with 1800cc and 350kg+.

  19. Robert S says:

    I don't even like cruisers, but I want to test ride one of these.

  20. I went for a test ride on one and opened it up at a traffic light and it pulled like a dentist in every gear, mental and brilliant

  21. asad kamran says:

    well the best n most powerful road cruiser ever till the end of the world even better in a thousand then Harley Davidson

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