Triumph Rocket III Roadster lunacy

Bike magazine let stunt rider Kevin Carmichael loose on their 2010 Triumph III Roadster. See more in the February 2010 issue of Bike, on sale December 23rd.


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21 Comments to “Triumph Rocket III Roadster lunacy”

  1. I read that the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster is 2,500 or 98.3 inches long which is huge. Is this true?

  2. Firstk Lastp says:

    Great ! hammering like they did back in the 70s

  3. is this a good beginner bike?

  4. When I saw the first wheelie, I was like "duuuuuuuuuuuuuude"

  5. what a craazy, that bike is over 350kg

  6. Rob Cornwell says:

    Where can you carry an inflatable air bag jack in case you drop it?

  7. Arpit Das says:

    U r a master God DAMMM   YeeEEAAHHHHH

  8. круто! теперь тоже самое пусть кто-нибудь проделает на бронетранспортере 🙂 

  9. tcclaviger says:

    @Weirrier… how does using the insane torque of an R3R to spin a wheel or pick up the front destroy it? Don't hate cause your "hog" cant do it lol.

  10. Aero Fox says:

    At first I thought 'naw skip this cheap clip…00:34…naw', then the commercial ended…

  11. Weirrier says:

    That`s how to destroy a cruiser.

  12. Ivan Šimko says:

    He must really hate that bike.


  14. Ross Isaacs says:

    this is a cruiser what? this will be my bike when im so old I need a cruiser :)

  15. I cringed when the pipes scraped on the pavement @ 0.25 in the video. The Rocket sounds like a Dodge Viper with headers.

  16. I like V-Twins…the best Euro Bikes, Ducati, KTM have seen the light.
    …-and hi-way lights…you crap out, you still have one light to get home on…..big cruisers for-ever!

  17. I'll 'splain something…you are entirely on your own ass in a lot of
    Canada, it's Big…..and worse, the riding season is only 3-4 months long….the Big Dollar bike I would get is Moto-Guzzi Stelvio; really
    comfy, 8! gallon tank, and the HEADS keep your knees from
    freezing…torque engine..and with the right tires you can extend the season…Canada basically sucks, and busted radiators etc. ..can't
    stop us for long…thx

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