Triumph Rocket III Part 1 – owner review first day impressions

This was the day after i brought it home! if you are even considering a Rocket III, or even if you aren’t TAKE A TEST ride!! this bike has now ruined me for any …


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  1. damn that's a monster. love it

  2. Beautiful bike, congratulations.

  3. I read that the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster is 2,500 or 98.3 inches long which is huge. Is this true?

  4. i have the touring model here in the UK, wouldn't change it for the world !! I adore it

  5. check out The Rocket 3 Owners Club site

  6. test riding an Indian Springfield over here in the Uk soon but id never part with my Rocket no sireee !

  7. i have the Touring version on an 09 plate and adore it, best bike ive ever seen and been on!

  8. VTX1800FF3 says:

    Do they have another at that price???

  9. gallor1able says:

    Ray you have to do your part 2 review on this bike curious

  10. gallor1able says:

    Just picked up a 2016 Rocket I am in LOVE its got the speed and power I need and its presence is very prominent Great vid thanks for sharing

  11. Great looking bike! I hope I can test ride one someday .

  12. Well done mate, you have a very good taste for happy enjoy life.

  13. Wow. That's my next bike…

  14. Ray, 2300cc is a rocket on wheels! The bike looks sharp and I'm sure that you will keep it that way. I hope that you a lot of fun cruising the open road and enjoy the freedom that only a bike provides.

  15. Brian Dunham says:

    IIRC the Maverick seat only fits the Touring, not the Roadster. Otherwise great review. After riding for a couple weeks you'll be thinking about ways to get even more power! Oh, if you think the seat is too high…ride an ADV bike for a few days, the Rocket will seem nice and low. I'm actually thinking about a taller seat for mine to straighten my legs a bit.

  16. i had a 2014 rocket iii roadster, but im 6'2" and the pegs were farther back than i wanted, plus the seat wasnt very comfy.
    i ended up trading it in for a 2014 rocket iii touring. awesome bike, i sacrificed a little bit of the power, but its still rips in a straight line. extremely comfortable too. nice tour package.

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