Triumph rocket 3 w/ carpenter race exhaust

Finally have my rocket 3 outfitted with MOST of the engine parts I want. Carpenter Racing 3 into 1 drag pipe, raim air systems uni filter and air box delete, power …


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  1. poncoolride says:

    I bet a set of cams with some overlap would make these sound badass at idle and add some punch in the midrange.

  2. poncoolride says:

    best sounding one I've heard so far!

  3. that bike looks badass as fk,,,,i'll stick to my sportster and save my legs lol thumbs up shadetree :O)

  4. Sounds good revved. I've always said that Rocket 3s and Farmall tractors are indistinguishable at idle tho.

  5. Ray Pena says:

    very nice, sounds fantastic! im looking around for what im going to do with my rocket!

  6. Has she got her own bike .I see there's no B—h seat on there

  7. RDA8191 says:

    the bike sounds mean and I like the titanium exhaust wrap

  8. Dazza Boof says:

    best sounding rocket I've heard


  10. john g says:

    That sounds mean as hell,well done.

  11. 1990 says:

    Looks really good with the header tape. Sounds good, too. Is the bike reliable?

  12. ant k says:

    Hi,I have a 2007 Rocket with Tors with stock headers and ramair…I am looking to upgrade to a full system but am worried about the heat and how close those headers would be from my legs.Carpenter exhaust are like hens teeth in the UK so have not had the chance to see a system fitted,but going to keep looking..

    Great video mate..

  13. InvictvsNox says:

    My fuckin' 4×4 doesn't sound half as good, man. This is like my number 1 bike on the "To-Do" test ride list.

  14. Ketan says:

    Mother of god, that was the best sounding cruiser yet. Can you put a video without the baffle?

  15. I am Brazilian! I really liked your video, very good! this incredible bike and sound !!!

  16. that's the sound of torque going down the drain.

  17. BAgodmode says:

    I want one of these bikes, but they scare the hell out of me.

  18. Michael M says:

    I've been on the fence with the Rocket but after seeing your mod, I'd definitely go that route!!!

  19. Bthorn 50 says:

    "cause it will fuuuuuuuck you up"  LOL!

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