Triumph Motorcycles, Meriden Documentary 1983 Part 5

Final part of this very interesting documentary originally shown on BBC2 in 1983 highlighting the struggle for survival of Triumph Motorcycles, Meriden.


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  1. Timothy Lee says:

    how things change when thy where trying sell the bony in the 80s no one wanted them as the jap bikes where much better you can buy some jap bikes few hundred now but you wont get a dissent t140 for less than 4 to 5 grand´╗┐

  2. Perfect example of how unions and mismanagement totally destroyed the British motorcycle industry. A documentary should be made on how John Bloor saved and resurrected it ! Privately , without unions.´╗┐

  3. karl Tempest says:

    British industry eh once ruled the world…!!,never any investment after Wars etc,paying the Yanks back,and helping the world get back on therir feet ..Sad days still…

  4. meriden4ever says:

    For what REALLY happened in the end, read John Rosamond's unadulterated account in 'Save The Triumph Bonneville ! The Inside Story Of The Meriden Workers' Co-Op' (Veloce 2009)

  5. karl Tempest says:

    not seen this clip before,its so sad that company,s all over this once great land have gone,and will never return,but on a happier noteThank fuck Triumph has been reborn..Long live Triumph motorcycles..But lets not forget the past greats also..

  6. gmhgb says:

    Indeed it is sad – "It would be amusing, were it not so serious, to recall the picture of those self-same individuals at Meriden, who had so recently refused to work, exhorting the right to work some months later, with typical trade union jargon and, during their long and cold picket duties, deing described by certain press journalists as martyrs to som sort od cause." Bert Hopwood's view of the same workers who failed to support the business in 1973 before the creation of NVT.

  7. mac163 says:

    thank you for the videos, davytriumph.

  8. S748e says:

    Davy, Thankyou for taking the time and trouble to upload the full documentary – this is really valuable historically. Have watched all parts – it was facinating and yes very sad to see the hard graft & hopes of good people did not result in a thriving company. On a positive note had the pleasure of being shown around the Hinckley Triumph factory and was very impressed (I realise this is a reborn name) but it's great to see British motorcycles competing strongly with the world's best again.

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