Triumph Motorcycle Crash

I was getting into the Olympic spirit by doing some Triumph curling….Bugger….

Not sure what happened here, cold tyres and the leaves/small amount of water I rode through?

In either case, I’m fine (I’m sure some people won’t be happy about that…)


Right hand fairing scratched up
R & G crash bung screwed up
Clipped a chunk out of RH mirror
Back brake lever bent out
Remus exhaust scratched up bad.

On the brightside I was planning on selling my bike (even though it is about 6 months old) for a 1200 GS adventure for my round the world trip. But if I can’t even turn out of a car park how am I going to ride across Siberia lol…

thanks to those who ran to help me, that old woman with the shopping was kind of just hanging out though…


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  1. Hey! I did that! I don't mean I caused you to fall off, I mean I had exactly the same baffling accident yesterday and completely knackered my shoulder. I don't get it. I've stretched out my eyebrows in the past to keep myself from falling over in hair raising curves at stupidly irresponsible speeds, and have managed to wing it through pure willpower and yesterday I just went, exactly like you did there. One minute I'm thinking "I wonder what's for tea tonight, and the next nanosecond ''wt?f.

  2. cold tyre, possibly even some oil from that carpark, pick it up and forget about it, we all have close calls and even little tumble ,its no big deal, at least u walked away and keep riding ,take it easy,

  3. cold tyres + white writing on road plus throttle on lean on exit.

  4. i thought that was a knife… :)

  5. Gravity is getting weird these days ;)

  6. Krille3 says:

    ahhh ive done the exact same thing!

  7. Jacob Burke says:

    powerd the revs on befor the bike was straight… thats the reason you fell off.

  8. jonny says no shit sherlock!

  9. supaorca says:

    was that a whole i see if it is thats is why u made a pretty little mess of ur triumph

  10. ktmat says:

    cold tyre you can hear the revs go up as the back comes out to say hello

  11. cold tyre and not enough awake juice 😉

    at least it and you are okay

  12. superroogle says:

    cold tyres and inexperience equals fail

  13. scrase04 says:

    Nah that isn't the reason, I've managed to do this the other day its cold tyres that does it, because if that was the case then a 125cc restricted bike wouldn't be able to do it! Glad your okay though!

  14. MrFadeInk says:

    Oh well mate, things happen. As long as you and the bike are okay its all good. I did this on my first bike but mine got hit by a car haha, you're lucky 😉

  15. Yup wet leaves i think or something as simple as diving over an oil patch in the garage. 

  16. Ohmz27 says:

    Ah mate that's unlucky! Looked like cold tyres not finding the grip you needed to push through the turn.

  17. Just a little too much right wrist is all it takes…

  18. did your rear wheel slip on something like a apple peel ,not takin the P-but on a wet road.takes a small slippy .on a tire slip off the road.

  19. Mark Parker says:

    Good thing you have sliders haha unlucky

  20. luke sawyer says:

    happens to the best 🙁 shame the bike got damaged!!!

  21. waynebinuk says:

    Look like he picked up some leafs on the back wheel to me maybe? Tough luck dude

  22. nutmagnet63 says:

    Probably picked up some oil & grime from riding through the carpark… If there was some fluid on the road then that just made it an unfortunate accident.

  23. I always let the bikers go first.

  24. almost identical crash happened to my  friend whilst out riding- both triumph riders too!!!- we still have never figured out how it happened……spoooooooky! RSMF

  25. GETTHEDEUCE says:

    Throttle Throttle on the turn
    , & car parks oil oil everywhere

  26. trevorxxuk says:

    typical cold slow high side to much throttle low speed side wall spin

  27. Robert Urban says:

    of course throttle on turn but where was your leg to support skid?

  28. MollariB5 says:

    might've been diesel on the road, thats a fucker if you get anywhere near it on a bike.

  29. Looks like a little patch of oil on the exit of the car-park you rode right over. It's better to run where car tyres run near exits and entrances. There's a lot of cars out there that use oil like a two-stroke, and deposit it all over the roads.

  30. kdlofty says:

    Simple mistake, it happens to the best of us bud. The main thing is that your ok.

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