Triumph gave me a MOTORCYCLE!!!

Thanks again to Triumph US for this amazing opportunity! You guys can check them out here: My first ride helmet: (Icon …


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21 Comments to “Triumph gave me a MOTORCYCLE!!!”

  1. Aric Yount says:

    That's awesome! I'm not super far from Atlanta and I have a new Street Triple. Do they allow anyone to come in and take a tour of the facility? It would be a cool day trip to come see the Triumph headquarters.

  2. chase I wish I was u right now with all the bikes and a triumph bike holy shit u r one luck SoB

  3. Love that Triumph did this. I really want to tour their headquarters now. Hope you get a Triumph now Chase!

  4. How many bikes does chase have?

  5. Jaz says:

    Your vids are awesome! Love the page

  6. dude you gf is smokinnnnnnnnnn,,,,,, hottttttttttttt,,,,,,, dammmmmn,,,,,,u 1 lucky guy! :)

  7. Ruben Ramos says:

    the ducati diavel is my dream bike

  8. Jovany Diaz says:

    why do they have another yamaha not yummis supermoto

  9. New show called "Riding with Chase"

  10. Niels ILR6 says:

    Man cant stop miring in your mirror on your triumph to look at that damn sexy R6

  11. Tipperfrome says:

    Chase,why dont you ever ride with your Skully ?

  12. Triumph bikes has a timeless look and is one of my favorite brands when it comes to design, especially the Bonneville and Thunderbird.

    And those wooden details looks really good. Too bad I'd be afraid to take it outside.

  13. The headlight on this thing is very ugly

  14. Xamot 21 says:

    Thanks for the AD! They didnt give you a bike….they told you to ride it and advertise for them. Please get back to what made you get thousands of subs and do YOU

  15. lu from unbox therapy heavy breathing

  16. im considering this or a cb1000r

  17. TheWooR6 says:

    on your videos your intro music is louder than the footage audio….

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