Triumph Factory Tour

My time inside the Triumph Factory at Hinckley.


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  1. Karsten Lund says:

    How did you get in there? Would be really cool to go on a tour like that! Great video dude

  2. Brenton Lett says:

    Its fantastic that a British manufacturing company has been so successful in an age where so much has gone off shore. Proves it can be done.

  3. Work experience there in 3 weeks 👍

  4. Snyperx77 says:

    Did they give out free samples at the end?? ;-)

  5. Love my R3R bought it in march have over 4k on it..what a machine!

  6. oldngrumpy says:

    Quality bikes…I'd love one if I was younger and a more experienced biker!

    Good video..thanks

  7. Great to see Triumph doing so well in the marketplace, and no wonder they make attractive bikes and in a nice clean, modern plant. I really like Triumph.
    An interesting point to see, various different models being assembled in no particular order on the same line. This gives production staff variety.

    A great video, Thank you for posting.

  8. MrBarrsy68 says:

    changed a bit since I worked there in 92

  9. So that's the place where my t-bird storm was born. 🙂

  10. Paul Deal says:

    Great stuff, mate! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes peek.

  11. rushowen says:

    So this just looks like a assembly line,can no workers a the plant film what goes on there.

  12. SparksMagoo says:

    Many many Thanks. I had a great time in Thailand so I'm good with having Mom a Hinckley and Pops from Thailand.

    Keep an eye out for me, I'll be the bike burning incense 🙂

    Good luck with yours too. Talk to you soon…

  13. Nite Owl says:

    Congratulations! I just traded in my 2010 T-100 with 37,000 hard miles for a 2013 T-Bird Storm made at Hinckley. The 865 engine is made at Hinckley. The whole Modern Classic line is assembled in Thailand. So part of your baby comes from the Hinckley Plant. Good luck with that Bonnie.

  14. SparksMagoo says:

    My baby is going to be born there soon. Buying a 2014 Bonneville T100.

    Getting very emotional here thinking about her !

  15. Psyko Aktiv says:

    How'd I miss this vid – brilliant m8. Thanks for posting.

  16. paul mcguire says:

    i am in the film cos i work there !!

  17. PEaHuMaToP says:

    i work there, for salary 😉

  18. Lee Weaver says:

    damn it I wanna live there!!! HEHEHE xxx

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