Triumph Daytona 675R // Nurburgring 27.07.2013 // GoPro 3 // 1080p

Some yellow flags and traffic, still learning the lines… but good fun. 8:58BTG. GoPro Hero 3 Black on front and Hero 2 on the rear of the bike. (Sorry about the key …


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9 Comments to “Triumph Daytona 675R // Nurburgring 27.07.2013 // GoPro 3 // 1080p”

  1. gadiza ayu says:

    sound like v6 in formula one

  2. Alex hill says:

    Top riding dude, great job :)

  3. hey mate fuck that looks a blast. do you have an aftermarket exhaust. i swear mine doesnt sound that good

  4. Brad Eaton says:

    holy fuck. sounds and looks awesome!

  5. TriumphDay says:

    Hi, the sound is very great, its filming with a Microphone on the Gopro or with a software or its just the sound origin of the GoPro ? Thanks !

  6. schenebod says:

    nordschleife ist ne schöne strecke aber leider auch veraltet was auslaufzonen und sicherheit betrifft

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