Triumph Daytona 675-R Quick Shifter Demo

Using the quick shifter, we can upshift without using the clutch. Lot of fun on highways and race track. For down-shifting we have to use the clutch (like on any …


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  1. Are those riding shoes you've got on?

  2. Sandeep Raju says:

    Giridhar – I am confused between Ducati monster 821 and Daytona 675R. I am planning to buy either Ducati or Daytona sometime in Feb 2017 (need to save some money)…

    what is the service and maintenance cost?
    Also, what is the mileage you get in City and on Highways?
    Does this bike need higher Octane petrol and when do u fuel the bike from?
    What are the "Must Have" accessories you recommend?
    Do you service it from local 2 wheeler service guy or you take it to service centre?

    You are doing a good job of uploading all important information. Thank you for that.

  3. Do you have any problems using the quick shifter from 1st to 2nd gear? I heard that it is not advised to use it in between those gears. Nice vid BTW.

  4. 1 no
    Well my dream bike
    N (R) version is like sone p suhaga.

  5. Axix iFive says:

    Beautiful bike! I want one but can't afford it yet

  6. R version has brembo brakes
    which makes it more awesome

  7. R version has brembo brakes
    which makes it more awesome

  8. kiran kinnu says:

    Is it u get stock in these bike

  9. Andre khoury says:

    i like the red gear lever fron where u get it

  10. Andre khoury says:

    you have passenger grab handles can u tell me fron where u get them thanks

  11. Migster L says:

    U dont have to let go of the accelerator?

  12. Akhil V says:

    i have a dbt… what about downshftng…. is it possible to do downshfts wdout clutch

  13. Banana Nana says:

    Went for a test ride today. 10 mins of my life ^_^ bliss. gonna get my hands on it maybe very soon :)

  14. Hello, With right timing I can do this on my pulsar 135…  great motorcycle, wish I had the money…. huhuhahahahahaha

  15. I can watch a video on Daytona all day long!

  16. Azhar Saqib says:

    Friend i think you are mistaken, the 675 R version also has brembo brakes and a slipper clutch in addition to the three items you listed.

  17. I'm guessing you use this bike for your daily commute in our famed b'lore traffic ! Per you, is it easy to live with in our traffic conditions ? I'm in a dilemma between this and the street triple as my next bike.

  18. Amit Sharma says:

    Sexy Sound Also DUDE…….

  19. nanda kumar says:

    How much on road price in bangalore

  20. Ahh. Love that exhaust note. Super guru

  21. the random slow motions was kinda creepy, but other than that, great video. 
    I wanna pick up a daytona soon! 

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