Triumph City bags, Triumph Locking Gas Cap Review/Info

title says it all, SUCKERZ.


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  1. Daemon7 says:

    I apologize in advance if you already addressed this. I would really appreciate if I could see the brackets that the city bag mounts to. I know that it'sugly looking but I would like to see how ugly. Thanks 🙂

  2. EUNIL CHO says:

    I actually just bought the same gas cap and can't unlock it. can you show or message me how to open it? thanks for uploading.

  3. gsales1111 says:

    Where do you buy that gas cap?

  4. ya like no one knows what a gas cap is and how it comes off …..

  5. @katana258 dumbshit..the video clearly states it is a REVIEW/INFO. not a how to. i had the gasp and popped it in. relax retard.

    btw, you took the time to comment-negatively-which is cool with me; but if your comment is only to tell me to get a life..whats that say about what you're doing with your own time you brainless wonder. kids…

  6. what a dork —how to put on a gas cap..get a life

  7. @MotorizedCow -hell yeah you can, i can fit my laptop in a laptop case easily in here. with another backpack i wear and maybe even a box of tic-tacs.

  8. MotorizedCow says:

    Do you think you could fit a laptop in that bag?

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