Triumph Castrol Rocket Unleashed: 233mph Ride-Along

Take a seat in the cockpit of the Triumph Castrol Rocket as it completes test runs up to 233 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, U.S.A., in July. Piloted by …


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  1. HootieTang says:

    So whats the point of these cars now since many production cars can easily do that speed? Just curious, honestly.

  2. now if they get more gears and up the final drive ratio a bit they might have something. It's amazing that it takes off under its own power without a push vehicle but I think if they up the gearing and use a push vehicle to take off it'll be a 300mph contender. Still no Thrust SSC but its still cool.

  3. @ 1.40 – Sounds just like my Triumph Scrambler with 2-1 Arrow baffle out ! :)

  4. Roy Hemion says:

    What's it powered by? 2 engines…..2 cylinders each?

  5. Terry Pepper says:

    when driving this creation is the driver concentrating on were he's going as to looking into the distance at just 1 point 2 go like riding a bike in a straight line without any distractions ? I don't mean looking side 2 side either . 

  6. Amazing. Can't wait to see it really rip. 

  7. 233 MPH and HE CAN['T SEE AHEAD!!!! That takes BIG brass ones, boys and girls!  Sounds just like my R3, though – that was kinda surprising.

  8. A nice motorcycle ride in the sunshine….

    …. a steady 3rd gear blast at 233 mph ! 

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