Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Loud cheap pipes

Jess shows off her loud as fuck triumph. Went with some bargain pipes that still look great, don’t know how they’ll hold up over years and years of use but the price is right at 120 bucks. You can get them here from lowbrow customs

If you want Jess’s kick ass bad ass loud pipes get pussy shirt check out triple 6 death crew shirts… they make the coolest biker shirts around



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24 Comments to “Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Loud cheap pipes”

  1. I think it's awesome that you guys rock Triumphs. I'm a big fan.

  2. Ryan Miller says:

    Nice! You should do a drive by video 

  3. Kenny Haley says:

    where did you attach the shaker bracket on the bike?

  4. Joe Eversole says:

    I've been to lowbrow before, didn't even think to look at their pipes.  I thought they were only for the older bikes.  Glad I saw this!  Love the shirt too.  Thanks for posting the video and the links. 

  5. Copperfish says:

    Thanks Shade and Jess, this vid sold it to me… New pipes it is!
    Carry On Carrying Stuff

  6. GTs Garage says:

    Sound amazing, and $500 saving is no joke, that's beer and bar snacks money..

  7. Fuckin' HOT!  

    (and the pipes are great too!) 

  8. BurntCarnage says:

    I've had some ninety dollar 19" Emgo turnouts on my 2007 Speedmaster since 2008. They have lasted very well. No complaints. Keep up the great videos.

  9. LedFingers says:

    Just bought a Triumph America. Was glad to see your vid on the pipes. I think I'll check out the cocktail shakers. 

  10. capoocha says:

    Did you have to do a re-map and if so did you do it yourself?

  11. yodabolt says:

    I'm sure your neighbors loved those pipes too.  :)

  12. So I just bought a 2014 Triumph Rocket iii Roadster. I'm not digging the stock pipes. What would you recommend for aftermarket pipes?

  13. Sweet bike Jess! They sound soooo guuud! 

  14. shabhal says:

    Got em matched with a k&n air filter and a polaris bellmouth. Had to rejett the carburetor. Deep and loud growl, sounds pretty loud and mean. And the bike pulls like a raped ape now!!!!

  15. Jamie Nelson says:

    Thanks so much for this!  I'm desperate to get my Bonneville T100 as loud as possible.  I'm a small girl riding in NYC and need to be heard when I'm not seen… so I want the most obnoxiously loud pipes I can find (while idling even) and don't want to waste $600 on ones that sound barely better than stock.  Do you know if Jess's will work on a Bonnie T100?  Thanks a million!

  16. IDontEven 22 says:

    do you like the speedmaster because i have been looking into to getting a cruiser type bike

  17. Rob Young says:

    I was going to buy the British Customs cocktail shakers but took your advice and bought the EMGO's, they're kick ass! I have one question, how did you mount the brackets that came with the exhaust, they seem pretty stable without it. I haven't mounted the brackets yet, any advice is appreciated. Really enjoy your vids!

  18. dred311 says:

    Sounds really good. Baffles in or have they been removed? I have the same mufflers that are going on a 71 Tiger. If you've already this question in the thread, sorry.

  19. John Mclarry says:


  20. was thinking of getting a BMW GS. but down to this going for the speed master. triumph should throw stuff at you all-day long your a walking talking sales man. good stuff.

  21. omg those pipes are freaking awesome!!!# yea man thst sounds 👍 wooooweeeee

  22. tybndr says:

    Did you have to map the bike for these pipes?

  23. Thanks to you, I Added these a few days ago to my Bonnie America. Oh my FAWKIN GAWD! I am starting a kickstarter to help pay for all my neighbors broken windows, a pair of hearing aides, and replacing all my fillings that fell out. They are great! Thanks for the tip!

  24. my girlfriend Andrea LOVES my loud pipes and that i better NOT get pussy or she'll cut my cock and nut sack off,,and she is just a short shit but she would deff do it ,,,IN MY SLEEP!!!! hahaha i keep tellin her she's the only one for me ,,,,another great video,,thumbs up dude :O)

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