Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle Vintage 1959

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27 Comments to “Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle Vintage 1959”

  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    beautiful bike fully original what a bike

  2. Beautiful to look at, but a piece of SHIT!!! Good old inbreed limys. The only thing they made right was a shitty cup of tea!

  3. Pretty worthless if it doesn't run.
    Just a pretty paperweight.

  4. The Bonneville came out in 1958 and it is not vintage as it a post war bike vintage is pre 1930. the full width hub was useless at braking as it faded under load.

  5. Liam Holmes says:

    1959 triumph Bonneville will always be the best!

  6. 2mnyshp says:

    NEVER show a bike and don't start the engine! NEVER!

  7. Used to have a few nice motorcycles in my life but the preunit 650 engine is my favorite.I still own something like this one but from 1961:
    Thunderbird 6T D15648.Great bike to ride on.

  8. great work thanks, appreciated the hi-def close up camera work as well as the history…BUT, we needed to HEAR it roar!!!!

  9. Jess Young says:

    That is a nice motorcycle. I like the older bikes compared to these newer plastic covered motorcycles of today. I wish they would bring back more of these beautiful machines!

  10. Daytona Paul says:

    love it. I had a 1973 Daytona 500 back in the day. Wish I still had it.

  11. Fantastic motorcycle with the best sounding engine ever.
    Thanks for posting.

  12. SLADE330 says:

    Good and accurate history lesson!

  13. Is Tim Bardsley any relation to Ian Bardslay in the BMOC?
    Also,could we locate DanishFlandersDK, lash him to his CB750 and drop him into the Fraser?
    I have a 73 T140V, one of 17 over the years- guess I have the bug.

  14. Yearh, if you can take the amount of shacking… i think the Honda CB 750 is a bit better 😉

  15. British motorcycles are the best

  16. N9155E says:

    A spacecraft from a time called steel age…

  17. Gidenkidenk says:

    That thing is beautiful. Really want one now.

  18. riotagus says:

    What a beauty ! English is best .

  19. Ivaa7777 says:

    Classic motorcycles is The Best in The World!!! Thanks!!!

  20. just bought a 2001 model bonnie, discovered my youth!!

  21. Rossi Tan says:

    my dad also used to have a 1959 Bonny, and now I'm riding a T100 2010 Bonny

  22. Nice detailed video, it's a pitty that you changed the original number. The "8" is not in the build batch numbers. There arealso several changes from the original.

    But I will park it in my garage.

  23. Clint Walker says:

    Love that 59 Bonneville!! My dad rode 'em in the 60's and he currently has a 2005 Triumph Bonneville. Cheers!! 5 Stars!!

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