Triumph Bonneville Bottom mount headlight pt1

Ok after ages of wanting to and doing it to a few others- i finally get round to the plan for a bottom mount on the bonnie!


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  1. Love the controls set up, handlebars etc. it's perfect. Tried a similar set up on me Thruxton, but the brake line and throttle cables are too short. One question, are you working in a wooden box?

  2. GTs Garage says:

    Nice update Sir, those stainless steel bar ends are the mutts.   Sun's well in the sky now, hopefully a couple of degrees warmer more and the bonne will be out and about.

  3. Like the headlight, can it be moved back even further with an altered mounting ? How about moving the indicators up to the underside of the handlebars, underneath the levers? Looking forward to seeing it develop Johnny😎👍🏻

  4. Hson Rson says:

    Nice! Looks a lot better! More like my speedy.. Perhaps that suits the Speedmaster as well.
    Great job with all vids..

  5. looking forward how headlight situation will develop

  6. Jon Lebel says:

    I have the same mount for the light but a different light.  Nice to see how "far" the light protrudes.  I may switch to another bracket now that sets the light in a little.  I haven't done mine yet, cold here in Canada.  Most interested in the wiring that you will have to do.  I now have to remove all the AI in order to move the ignition coil rearward to make room for the wiring in its location.  I'm sure your headed in that direction (?).  Just want to see if you need to splice and extend any wiring.

  7. Ben 1022 says:

    Tis looking good mate. If I were keeping the plastic headlight for the foreseeable, I'd hit it with a few coats of satin black paint.

  8. OK, the new headlight is cool, the bike is cool but, in my eye, they aren't a good match.
    The front end looks far better without the headlight's "ears" but maybe a different headlight? Something that blends in better?
    There are some headlight with built-in turn signals. I particularly recommend LED ones: lighter, brighter and smaller.
    Time to surf ebay, I guess…
    Always a pleasure to have breakfast with you, Mr Cactus!
    Ride warm!!
    (and now my new ramblings closures)

    See you in Faro!

  9. Tim Slocombe says:

    Great stuff, I'm in the process of changing lots on my bonneville. As youve changed to the Tec 2-1 pipe would you like to sell your pair of black preds??

  10. JamboyStu says:

    The size of the headlight is just right. I prefer the more compact lights. Less derpy looking.

  11. Jamie Green says:

    Liking it a lot Ian. It's a good height but I agree with everyone else, it could do with dropping back an inch or two. Fuel cap looks mustard!

  12. pgod1960 says:

    Love the bottom mount headlights (there's one on the new bike), and this one pretty much works. If it sticks out too far, it's only marginal as they can look too short. Side on it looks like.theres a cowl on a shorter light, from every other angle it looks bang on. You could fix it with paint. Matt black light body and a matte red to match the stripe on the tank as a ring accent. Just a thought.

    Hope to have a video up soon of the Harley and progress on the workshop.

    All the best mate, looking forward to seeing how this unfolds (or in the case of that wiring, folds).

  13. Adam Wallace says:

    Good to see the Bonnie vids again! Have a look at the set up on this: – I can't quite work out how, but the light is set back more.

  14. I like the diameter of the new bottom mount light, but it looks like it sticks out too far. Moving your indicators to the rectifier mount would basically move them to about where they are located on a Triumph Speed Four so that may work out. Would certainly de-clutter the front and it's free. I'm a sucker for stone guards on round headlights. Ever consider that? Love the Bonnie bro. Love seeing vids of the evolution over time. Cheers!


  15. Tony Jeffery says:

    "Take care out there",,,,, great new catchphrase, perhaps you could start with "heres Johnny"
    Think the light looks great but your right about the indicators sticking out too far,,,,
    Looking good though mate,,,, Tony

  16. Like the smaller light bud, but, tend to agree it sticks out an inch or more too far. Could you put an L Bracket on the back of the mount and move it back? Just a thought.

  17. Love the small headlight mate, agree with you, it would look better further back toward the tank. Just a little bit. With the indicators, could you reverse the bracket so they are behind the forks? or even fit them directly to the side of the headlight?

  18. Luke Magee says:

    looks good mate, i had one of those lights and to get rid of the cheap plastic look I just sprayed it matt black.

  19. ay mate !! nice 2 c u again!! eny way you could move the bracket to inside of where they are now? would give you the half inch your looking 4!!!

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