Triumph Bonneville 2,300 mile ride impression with

We rode the Triumph Bonneville, the newest member of the EagleRider rental fleet, from Chicago to San Francisco. The route covered a wide variety of roads: …


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  1. BBNC68 says:

    I owned a Triumph Tiger, a Buell Lightning, a Buell Ulysses and I Love the light and quick Triumph Bonneville… Need a 2 into 1 pipe, muffler. Yes like the guy mentioned, it is for folks that hate Harleys !

  2. well said they look so cheap looking after 09thailand model . i am thinking of getting another carb model [up to 08 british model] while they are still relatively cheap.. they are sought after in usa but here there are available as everyone like power ranger bikes!! olk skool bonny, t shirt n half face helmet, it dont get any better does it!!??

  3. "how is it power wise against the harley" LOL anything is more powerful than a POS stock harley

  4. TR5T says:

    I'm on my 3rd. Bonneville. Either you love them or you don't, you "get it" or you don't. I started on British bikes in the 60s. The Bonneville is a sheer delight. I get it.

  5. shortfilms says:

    Awesome trip what mountains are at 2 minutes?

  6. Rikitocker says:

    That trip looks the mustard …Trumpies rule.

  7. threepot says:

    Triumph are destroying their image by sourcing and manufacturing more in Asia. I have 2 Hinkley made bikes,and I'm proud they were made in England(even tho I'm Welsh). How long will it be b4 the Hinkley plant is shipped to fucking China!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Ezra – not sure exactly, we haven't really ridden the basic Bonnie, just the T-100. However, the 17" on the basic Bonnie should provide sharper handling, with faster turn in, and allow a wider selection of rubber. The 19" didn't present any real challenge handling wise for us, the limited ground clearance was more of a worry because of the low pipes, you run out of clearance before you run out of traction.

  9. nsim955 says:

    Vibration is only a slight 'buzz' at higher revs.The engines on all Hinckley Triumph Bonnevilles have counterbalance shafts,ta !

  10. love the bonny ..tho they look cheap n nasty after the carb model with metal tank badges [screwed on not stuck on!!] embose seat logo ,decent front disc etc etc plus they were made in england, who wants a bonny thats not carbs n not made in england!!??

  11. Well the mirror isn't vibrating!

  12. Deepbluhuntr says:

    @Deepbluhuntr ,

    Me too, the 19 tooth sprocket is geat for highway riding especially. I have the same bike that you do in black and white.

  13. @Deepbluhuntr i'd say there's a bit of a tingle at higher rpm, it's a parallel twin, no getting around it unless they put a counterbalancer in the engine

  14. @riderpoet for sure it would sound a lot better, but we're not in the habit of installing aftermarket pipes on the bikes we rent 🙂

    The Norman Hyde pipes are supposed to sound pretty awesome…..

  15. riderpoet says:

    With the stock mufflers, it sounds like a blender full of ping pong balls. That bike needs some pipes!

  16. @RocknLester2011 yeah it's such a fun ride, handles superbly and ever time you stop someone asks you about it. It's a wonder we got anywhere!

  17. Deepbluhuntr says:

    @abendroth85 ,
    I have a 2007 T100 and to be honest I never feel vibration, I did go up to a 19 tooth front sprocket though as soon as I got it.

  18. @abendroth85 The vibration isn't bad on the Bonneville, certainly not like the older British bikes. But you do feel a bit of vibration through the bars. Didn't stop us from putting 2,300 miles on the bike! If it really bothers you, you can always get bar end weights or different handlebars. Thanks for asking!

  19. abendroth85 says:

    How vibration is there in the new Bonnevilles?

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