Triumph aftermarket Parts be careful!

We all like to add aftermarket parts and pieces to our bikes but be careful what you buy and where you buy it. .. Pay attention to the install and make sure …


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6 Comments to “Triumph aftermarket Parts be careful!”

  1. ahhh buddy that sucks major ass mate!- all your hard work on the screen!! i hope you have some sucess on monday chasing it up- and good remedy to mate. take care.

  2. Tex Rider says:

    more  then a mess  lucky  you  did not loose  breaks when you really needed them

  3. GTs Garage says:

    Ouch, at least you got the warning out there, not able to contact the manufactures directly and make a complaint?  Might be worth a punt to see what they say, although they have probably covered themselves water tight through the t&c's

  4. pgod1960 says:

    Jeff, you were very lucky it didn't lead to a failure in the brake hydraulics.

  5. Robert Robb says:

    That sucks I to have had my problems with after market parts made overseas. Comes with the territory I guess

  6. If we lived in a world where people didn't custom their bikes or cars or whatever.
    We all have beige bikes , car, houses and the would be the 80's forever.

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