Triumph Adventure Boots a Quick Look. (water proof too)

Quick look at Triumph’s adventure boots. I will do a review on them after I have ridden with them. They look very well made and the price is excellent… If you …


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  1. Mine broke in rather quicker, but the leather around the buckle sides began to crack and flake off. Probably some kind of coating they use. Like the Forma boots they resemble, more of a "price point" boot. Which is why I ended up ultimately buying another pair of the "overpriced" Sidi boots. I wanted to like the Triumph Adventure Boots, but after having the 1st pair replaced under warranty, only to have the second pair fail in exactly the same way, I would not recommend them.

  2. Scott H says:

    How are the boots now? Still stiff or are they breaking in?
    Thanks for the introduction.

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