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  1. João Gil says:

    any suggestions on how to carry a pedalboard/case ??

  2. Hey, don't you suffer from wind buffeting with the screen? I recently bought a Givi Airflow screen for my Bonneville and the buffeting is extreme, it doesn't even matter which position you put it in. Any advice perhaps? Thanks

  3. BMRTV says:

    Been wondering about tank bags with the large offset gas cap. How does that work? Does it just push into the interior of the bag or does it cause the bag to sit wonky?

  4. Tao 9 says:

    Hi Michael,
    Can you tell me how well the GT screen does at keeping wind off your legs?
    I have a T100 (which I love!), but the wind is always fanning my legs out – which gets old after a few hours.

  5. That's a huge step up on the windscreen from the Givi you had on there before. Obviously you needed a lot more wind protection than the Givi was giving, but was it any help at all? I've been considering getting either the A200 or the A210 for my old bike.

  6. Bro, all of that crap and noe place to carry beer??? Forget the food, beer is all you need to keep you going!!

  7. LK05321 – It depends. Sometimes campgrounds are worth it, especially national/state parks. Recently I've camped at Indiana Dunes state park and Big Bend national park (in Texas), which were awesome. In part it depends on whether you're willing to gamble on not finding a convenient place, or being asked to move.

  8. LK05321 says:

    Thanks, I have the same bike in the same color. This is super helpful to me in particular. I'm planning a cross-country tour and back. How and where do you pick a place to pitch a tent and sleep? Do you go for campgrounds or do you try to set up somewhere off of the road?

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