Top 5 Best Beginner Motorcycle!

Another top 5 for you guys! This top 5 is about the best beginner bike/motorcycle. Ever wanted to know which bike you can start on? Watch this videos for 5 easy awesome options!!

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25 Comments to “Top 5 Best Beginner Motorcycle!”

  1. top five middleweight bikes to get if u ditching your 125cc but want longterm fun 400cc-500cc?

  2. Thanks for the vid this helped me out a lot on getting a beginner bike and I'm def gonna go with the super Moto now before I was gonna get a cbr but now that you mentioned the dropping the bike thing super Moto is the best choice thanks for the help!

  3. top 5 worst thing that can happen when u r riding ur bike

  4. Chaos Tade says:

    i started on an mt-07. i would regret buying anything at the 300sh category. Thank god I wasnt convinced by others about ninja 300s and shit.

  5. Ahahahaha Sounds Like Gene from Bob's Burger's

  6. Aaron Quiroz says:

    Top 5 best full system exhaust

  7. Zac Reynolds says:

    i live in the uk so i am limited to my age at 17 because of that i have to have 125cc bike. Im flipping between a 125 ktm duke or a wrx125x which one?

  8. that Japanese music thing when you showed the ninja 300 killed me xD

  9. I like motorcycles, BUT THERE'S AN CB7 @ 1:52 – right lane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful machine!

  10. with out a doubt in my mined

  11. James Wright says:

    Can you take the 250 on the highway??

  12. Baccagames says:

    I am 15 now been riding sense I was 12 what should I get

  13. Even before I hit the play button, knew you were going to sell out to Yamaha and place them at the top. Top two would be the Ninja 300 and R3. For beginner riders, the choice of ABS and stock slipper clutch on the Ninja 300 puts it at the top. Starting to think the Yamaha is the new squid brand of choice. So many motorcycle vlogers on you tube now driving yammie that are down right assclowns and are beyond annoying. Best regards.

  14. oh god penis what the fuck kind of the road is this. lmao

  15. +YummiR6 Hi I'm new to the channel and already subscribed 🙂 I'm between Yamaha and Kawasaki. Yamaha R6 and Kawasaki H2R. HELPPP!

  16. arkan _1_ says:

    I'm thinking of honda cbr 250r

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