Top 5 Accessories for the Triumph Street Triple

The first of a four part series of “Top 5 Accessories” – in this edition the Triumph Street Triple…..


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25 Comments to “Top 5 Accessories for the Triumph Street Triple”

  1. Mirrors! What about those absolutely crap OEM mirrors! 1st thing on my list is always replacing crap OEM mirrors that you can't actually see out of!!!

  2. Vine68 says:

    Europe can kiss my sweet cheeks with their sticky out number plate. Tail tidy and levers will be going on at my Tracer's first service. Quickshift and exhaust when I've refilled the bank account.

  3. csmidge26 says:

    Hi TMF! Long time fan here. I'm in the market for a tail tidy, but the ones labelled as "street triple" appear to be double the price of those for the speed triples and other bikes! (>£120). Do you have an recommendations and which do you have? Thanks!

  4. Hass Chapman says:

    Unfortunately in Spain the stupid rule about the numberplate applies for MoTs too, so you can't fit a tailtidy (unless you want to swap it every MoT). One question, why did you fit the high exhausts instead of the lowboy?

  5. Itchy willy says:

    crash bungs are my number 1

  6. Probably should included replacing the stock tires, as mentioned in one of your other videos.

  7. ohilaugh says:

    I think for me number 1 would be headlight, its just personal preference. I dont really like those bugeye headlights, i would go for a single round one instead. Otherwise I agree with this list

  8. neil eyre says:

    I've just put triumph quick shifter on my street triple r 2013 £295 worth every penny and ive changed the air filter to k&n just waiting for my sc project gp2 to arrive

  9. do those mirrors have concave/wider view?

  10. Gremlin 22 says:

    how are the  bar end mirrors for visibility compared to the standard? passed test today and got 2012 model in black with standard mirrors but love the look of bar end.O and btw how much for arrow cans :0 omg

  11. Jake Croft says:

    Love your channel and videos i just picked up my '15 street triple R on friday. Put my bar end mirrors on yesterday. Hello from Tennessee USA!

  12. Matt S. says:

    More Street Triple please :)

  13. darich67 says:

    thankfully mine cam with every mod you list….except one…..the tail tidy.
    Been trying to source a decent one that doesn't cost a fortune…..still looking!!

  14. Good lord, those narrow windy English country roads! Completely jealous! 90% of the roads near me are wide and straight.

  15. gwwayner says:

    My 2010 STR has more performance mods than I can count including the ones you mentioned. Such a light, fast, and fun motorcycle. But damn, those narrow English roads lined with bushes look scary!

  16. Did you install the quickshifter yourself?

  17. Aaron Lovett says:

    hi just wondering what way your insurance works over there with all of the bikes in Ireland you would be robbed trying to insure them all

  18. Deivid V says:

    1. Flyscreen, 2. Heated grips, 3. Frame protectors (I'm still looking for better ones than the Triumph offer) + 4. Engine cover protectors+ 5. CNC Machined forks + 6 lower chain guard…….. All the rest are cosmetics

  19. Hey mate, any chance you would be trying out the new Thruxton? It looks the works especially the R version.

  20. Seems like the newer street triples have awful mirrors. So that would be number 1 change in that case.

  21. great vids cheers, liked and sub'd

  22. MK Biker says:

    Spot on, I don't like anything standard, I have to personalise my bikes to. After all we are all individuals.

  23. On behalf of the whole Motorcycle Industry, I would like to thank you for your continued patronage sir. Long may it continue! ATB Mate!

  24. Emphase says:

    Does having the quickshifter on the bike, feel any different when you go to shift normally with a clutch? ..Is it less smooth than without it, if you use the clutch lever? I hope I'm wording this right lol, thanks! love the bike

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