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  1. Yuval Avniel says:

    I am restoring a 1938 BSA M21, Engine # JM21-978 and am looking for some parts that you may be able to help me with. 
    No. needed           Part No.               Description
    1                         65-2599               Scavenge gear
    1                        M196                     Gearbox filler plug
    4                        EB76A                  Washer, head bolt
    2                     65-2599             Oil pump scavenge gear
    1                     66-0208            Valve (prefer british made versus Indian made)
    1                     66-0206            Valve (prefer british made versus Indian made)
    2                      26-1277           Timing pinion nut lockwasher
    1                      27-8348/1         Timing cover oil indicator pipe adapter
    Much thanks,

  2. brady boyle says:

    how much for one of those bottom ends? A65

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