Tiger 800 – Fuel tank removal

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Video showing how to remove the fuel tank from the Tiger 800 and 800XC.

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29 Comments to “Tiger 800 – Fuel tank removal”

  1. Do I have to empty the tank before, or is there a valve, closing it on removal? Thanks!

  2. MuddySump says:

    No need to empty it. The fuel only comes out of the tank when the engine is running or when you first turn the key when the fuel pump is priming.
    You will get the left over fuel in the line come out but it isn't much

  3. Thanks a lot! It was easy with this video … and even with the fuel line, no problem.

  4. 5teveg says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. This stuff is so much less daunting when you can watch someone else. Cheers.

  5. BeeeSB says:

    Very clean video. My only question is whether I can remove the tank while it has fuel in it. I assume I just have to plug the fuel outlet as soon as I remove the fuel line. Will likely find out in a few hours:)

  6. MuddySump says:

    Hi. Yes can take it off with a fuel in the tank still, its just heavier. Fuel wont come out of the tank, has a fuel pump to control that. You will get a bit that comes out of the fuel line though. 

  7. BeeeSB says:

    Thank you much! I am currently removing for wiring access to install heated grips. Your update came at exactly the step prior to fuel line removal. Thanks also for the detail on how to remove the fuel line. Sunday morning on the California coast. Have an excellent night / day.

  8. Gary Haines says:

    Thanks I will have this video rolling next to me as I take off tank to replace air filter this weekend – just did 5 days in desert so will be interesting to see condition of filter
    this will b very helpful Cheers

  9. serf17 says:

    Thanks muddy, that's how it should be done. I eally enjoy all your videos!

  10. DaHitch says:

    This job becomes a lot harder if you have the fog lights installed. To get the beak off you also have to remove the fog lights themselves. And the there is the wiring harness which is fixed to the tank, which means disconnecting the fog lights, the power connector from the main harness, the relay switch and the cable going to the switch on the handlebar.

  11. geoffmetal78 says:

    Wow, there's a fair bit of panel removal before removing the tank!
    I have the Explorer model, so I take it that removing the fuel tank would be exactly the same. Thanks for your video, I will take a look when the time comes that I want to start fitting some goodies to it!

  12. Thanks!  Now I'm an exspurt.

  13. zantomun says:

    I absolutely couldn't remove the brown connector or fuel line so I ended up opening the airbox with the fuel tank sitting on my head

  14. Tony Ryan says:

    Many thanks just got my tiger 800 finding all your posts excellent. Cheers

  15. Nice bike and nice video – duly subbed!

  16. Borel Setten says:

    Hi Muddy, really good, clear video both in terms of vid quality and clarity of explanation.  I am sure Tiger owners eveywhere will appreciate seeing more of your creative talents.  Good work.

  17. Rick Tryon says:

    Great work! Thank you so so so much for posting.

  18. good to know greetings from belgium

  19. Tiger 1200 Explorer  – Fuel tank removal ?

  20. Good video!Very helpful not having to figure it all out myself.Saved me a lot of time,I reckon.Thanks :)

  21. Mike says:

    do you need to empty the tank before removing the 2 hoses/tubes?

  22. Thanks for this. Had to take the tank off to fit heated grips. This saved me hours of guessing which bolts do what.

  23. Hi, thanks for the great video – helped me very much :)

  24. 2tpilot says:

    Hi Muddy. Any chance on getting an update on this video for the 2016 xca model? It seems the side covers are not the same as in this video. Thanks for the great posts!!

  25. I have to install a Scottoiler and need to access a vacuum line under the tank. The removal of the tank looks straightforward, worries me is all the hoses and electrical connections. But will take plenty of pictures prior to removal. Any idea what to look for for vacuum lines? I have a North American Tiger model and this bike will have a fuel vapor canister. Hate to cut the wrong line only to not have the bike run.

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