Tiger 800 – Coolant change

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13 Comments to “Tiger 800 – Coolant change”

  1. any video for triumph explorer diy servicing?

  2. Erik says:

    nice video. I Only got one problem though. the Triumph coolant is pretty hard to come by. Local dealer dont sell the Triumph coolant (hd4x Hybrid oat) instruction manual recommends.

  3. Quick question on this. I was doing some maintenance on my XRx at the weekend, and I noticed that the coolant in my expansion chamber was right at the bottom. Pretty much the same place as yours at the end of the video. So it obviously needs topping up. However, am I ok to simply top the coolant up, or will it be best to drain and replace the coolant?

    I've had the bike since May (was brand new) and I've done around 4,000 miles. Thanks for the brilliant videos mate.

  4. Mark Dally says:

    Thanks for the excellent video. I'm confident to do my own flush now.

  5. Im about to do a coolant change on my DRZ, and since im going from one brand coolant to another, i need to flush my system.

    Some people say only use distilled water, but do you think its alright to just use tap water to flush, and then refill with my premix coolant once finished?

  6. Very useful video !!! Thanks a lot …

  7. you learne some thing every day thanks good clear easy howto vid

  8. Nice vid, very simple and clear :-)

  9. DervMan says:

    Great video, thanks for posting.

  10. Good explaining video, thanks!

  11. Tiger8 says:

    Great Video As Always Really Looking Forward To Your Last Series On The Tiger.


  12. toe knee says:

    FABULOUS video!  as always.

  13. Garry G says:

    good video 🙂 I should probably be my bandit.

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