This MONSTER Bike Has a Maserati Engine ▶THATS INSANE! Ep.3

From a wearable jetpack that will turn you into an underwater super hero, To a 4 wheel monster bike powered by a 470HP Maserati engine, here are more insane innovations you should know about….

Links and Sources
Music – Intro Track
Babylon 1 by Lino Rise

X2 Sport Jetpack


OneDrone One

Festo FreeMotionHandling

Goodyear Spherical Tyre

YouBionic Hand

Alpha Helmet

CRAM Robotic Cockroach

Cockroach inspires robot that squeezes through cracks

Domino Pizza Delivery Robot

Lazareth LM847

Aurora Interactive Ceiling


Wade Hutson –

Ty Rushing –

Kevin Murray –


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36 Comments to “This MONSTER Bike Has a Maserati Engine ▶THATS INSANE! Ep.3”

  1. Chropoles says:

    10:18 uhm..well you just give it a good kick at the tip…so it tips over. eeeyyyy!!! then run with the pizza!!! eeeyyyy!!!

  2. Nelson Idr says:

    It cost almost the same as ferrari I assume, why not get ferrari instead?

  3. is there any technology that can helps me to fly like superman

  4. Alfie Powell says:

    you weakness award dmkxzz dilemma call.

  5. Devon Parker says:

    i dont care what engine it has, the reliant robin is the best

  6. the pizza robot is going to get robbed all the time. lol

  7. Uncle Buck says:

    The most annoying voice over ever…..

  8. No Name says:

    nah , ill wait for the Chinese cheaper versions of what i liked . :)

  9. in2food says:

    Good idea not telling us any speed(1/4 mile, 0-60) info on the bike. Performance fans never want to know that stuff…..

  10. destruction knowledge currency wwgfpyl principal usual.

  11. Theis Tb says:

    good illuminati Technology hand bionic, see that logo

  12. that's not a motorcycle with a maserati engine – that's a maserati engine with wheels attached

  13. Pano Andoni says:

    they should start making some electronic peos or maybe electronic women's or some pizza what to fuck

  14. What if someone attempt to steal the Delivery Robot and its pizza contents?

  15. Yakup Ari says:

    Horstpower? ( Motorbike )

  16. lvegasken says:

    The narrator in this sounds like a real loser, a Chris Berman…err (Fred Flintstone) clone. :(

  17. aleon1018 says:

    Show us a more advanced and secure prison.

  18. is there assult drones that can shoot out repulsor rays, or have bullets that are the size of bullets on a airplane.

  19. that 4 wheel bike is batmans new motorcycle.

  20. Pug says:

    domino's pizza delivery with like 1km/h
    well done
    my pizza guy brings my pizza hot in 15 minutes
    and he can't be hacked n'or be cracked with a crowbar

  21. that goodyear tire will spoil the fun of drifting

  22. Gama Goat says:

    The Domino's pizza DRU could malfunction and the pizza chamber lower while the customer's hands are inside, amputating the customer's hands. No thanks.

  23. manofweed1 says:

    What does it all mean ?

  24. The tires are interesting BUT everything else is ridiculous (including this narrator)!

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