The Triumph Bonneville Song

The Triumph Bonneville Song by The Steve Gibbons Band.


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9 Comments to “The Triumph Bonneville Song”

  1. Nite Owl says:

    Whoever thumbed down this song can piss off! Triumph #1!

  2. mr gruff says:

    trident is even more thrilling lol………….tfft

  3. B06Tang says:

    Best motorcycle in the world!

  4. You gotta have one to know what it's like to ride a Triumph Bonneville. Mine's a 65 T120R and there's no finer thrill!

  5. Triumphs and Bob. What more could I ask for!

  6. Deepbluhuntr says:

    Yeah, I like it ! Beautiful machines !

  7. Nite Owl says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! My 2nd favorite song in the world! My 1# favorite song is that exhaust note from my t-100!!!!!!!!!

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