The Top Ten Cruiser Motorcycles 2015

The Top Ten Cruiser Motorcycles 2015 10-Victory Gunner Base 09-Yamaha Stryker Bullet Cowl 08-Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. 07-Yamaha V Star 1300 …


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45 Comments to “The Top Ten Cruiser Motorcycles 2015”

  1. The worse video ever!!! No Rocket 3 in the list and there is Street 750 in the 2nd place o.O

  2. Only bike i love is the softail breakout with custom rear fender. What about you guys?

  3. what the best budget bike with most power

  4. this is the song music!?!?!

  5. Ryan B says:

    HD Breakout, but showed a Slim. Not a credible list

  6. Mark X says:

    The song is awesome. What song is that?

  7. I just want a DIRT CHEAP motorcycle cruiser!
    Any advice guys?
    I honestly don't care for how fast it goes,
    If it's dirt cheap and is 250cc PERFECT!

  8. no Rocket 3 in the top ten , unbelievable !!

  9. 3 out of 10 bikes were cruisers the rest was a mix between muscle bikes and cross country.

  10. HD on top??? The author of the video like gates on wheels!
    Where are Honda Gold Wing or Moto Guzzi California 1400 or BMW R 1200 C?

  11. Jack Johnson says:

    HD 750 #2…. this video is clearly a joke

  12. Seth D says:

    Top 10 with #10 being first and 1 being 10th maybe.

  13. Is this list according to sales, reviews or the video creators favorites?

  14. 01:52 is not the Breakout. Soft tail Slim I think.

  15. Didn't know the breakout and softtail slim were the same bike. Ya big dummy.

  16. Maverick says:

    Get real and get a drivers licens…

  17. my favorite cruiser is a 1995 Honda magna bobber

  18. Good video but the music sucked.

  19. missy leigh says:

    errr helloooo ??? no Triumph Storm/Nightstorm ? , no Kawasaki VN900 custom se?, No Honda Valkyrie ? while I agree that the Breakout is quite pretty I do find this very biased toward Hardly Davidson

  20. hugo chavez says:

    the m109r is the best looking one and the fastest!!! beast!!

  21. kingus abdu says:

    lol I think this guy don't have knowledge about bikes first thing change that funny song or if u want keep that song change the topic to top 10 bikini 😂😂😂

  22. Suzuki M109R ..YES! Excellent choice!

  23. la indian scout es absolutamente hermosa

  24. mr7wi says:

    No Moto Guzzi Califorina 1400?

  25. Dragan M says:

    HD VRod should be on the list instead of the Suzuki 109, dont agree with the Indian scout as it has transmission issues and the HD 750? There are lots of good bikes and opinions will vary. Thanks for the post.

  26. There are many Harley's in this video for a reason. Live with the fact some of you.

  27. djinsightx says:

    what is that song i love it

  28. raczekgt2011 says:

    Take the Davidson crap out of the top 10 and you have a good list. Don't even disrespect the other manufacturers. Harley Davidson is nothing but an expensive paper waight.

  29. emjr114 says:

    What a joke!! The Boulevard should of been at least in the top 3, this is just a Harley fanboy trying to force feed ppl…. Foh

  30. vince Rain says:

    You missed the Yamaha Raider!

  31. Mark Polakow says:

    The only thing worse than the production of this video is the choices of top cruiser bikes..

  32. tomcata1467 says:

    The Harley Twin Cam engines are a fatally flawed design, with PLASTIC cam chain tensioners rubbing against a silent METAL chain, and there are two silent chain drives on this bikes. They WILL wear out and if not inspected periodically and replaced, you  will  have metal to metal contact and immediate, catastrophic engine failure.The Twin Cams also have a pressed together flywheel, nothing holds them together and in true, they are merely pressed together at the factory using a 400 ton press. They WILL come out of true, sooner, rather, than later and will cause the pinion shaft and primary drive shafts to wobble out of max run, which should be no more than 0.001" of run out, an I have seen these bikes go out of true with as little as 1,500 miles on them, causing the bushings and bearings to wear out and cause engine failure.The only solution is to tear down the engine, and spilt the cases, take the flywheel assembly to a performance specialty shop where they will true, plug and weld the flywheel assembly and with a max run out of 0.001" max.The stock oil pump is junk and puts out very little oil pressure, at idle, just 3-8 psi, and these engines run VERY hot, hot enough to have the potential to cause a rider's leg to catch on fire, it has already happened, causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns.The stock INA cam bearings are junk and should be replaced with TIMKEN tapered roller bearings.Harley should have kept the reliable single cam engine or EVO, but, they were to reliable and Harley couldn't make the money they are making fixing Twin Cam engines for a lot of money. a real cash cow for Harley.

  33. 950vette says:

    Lol! Stupidity is free! 

  34. You mention the Yamaha Stryker but disregard the Raider, a Harley Elitist made this list without a doubt, at least a Harley didn't take #1

  35. DC R says:

    HD 750? I don't think so… The Indian Scout is a great looking bike

  36. ThrillSeeker says:

    Who made this list, a 12 year old redneck? Lol. My 2014 m109r gets more thumbs up from ppl every time I take it out that I lost count. 

  37. Jj Legends says:

    883 is better than 750 for me ;)

  38. Happy to see the scout at number one. It was love at first sight when I found out about that one.

  39. LunarFix says:

    m109r with kill all these bikes

  40. That was 3 and a half minutes of my life I'll never get back….

  41. Justin Crisp says:

    HD 750 in the top ten…"hog"wash! Pun intended . The Yamaha Bolt is a better bike or how about the HD 883 or 1200 sportsters….sorry disagree with your top 10

  42. james yamaha says:

    The Scout Rules. nuff said.runs like a raped ape.

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