The History Of Triumph Bikes

Jeff Stone is in Pickenham at the National Motorcycle Museum giving us a history of the great British bike and having a look at some of their earliest bikes, …


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  1. I fell in love when I rode the Bonneville for the first time.

  2. Zac Courtney says:

    It's amazing how far Triumph has come in just 100 years….. Now if they could only release a 1050cc Daytona.

  3. Styling wise Triumph got it spot on with the late 60s Daytona and Bonnies, if ever a bike looked ice cool they were it. No wonder Steve McQueen liked them the King of cool knew his stuff.

  4. I thought two bothers started Triumph

  5. rick jeren says:

    what type of helmet is that rider wearing ?

  6. mr gruff says:


  7. ACE VID  AWESOME BIKES!!!  NOTHING cooler than a triumph bonneville , Want one of the last "made in england" models with carbs ..anyone selling one let me know [up to 5grand]..up to 05 reg 790ccmodel.. HATE thai made one after 06 with fuel injection and plastic tank badges etc   going back to usa in 2015 so want to take back as the carbed english model are like gold dust to find in usa!!

  8. Nite Owl says:

    Thank you very much. I Love Triumph Motorcycles! The original bike was kool!

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