The Great Biker Build Off – Marcus Walz Vs Mike Prugh (English long version)

„BIKER-BUILD-OFF“ ist ein in Amerika legendäre und besonders erfolgreiches TV-Format, dass vom Discovery Channel ausgetragen, begleitet und ausgestrahlt wird. Es berichtet von einem besonderen Kampf verschiedener Top-Customizer, die sich einen erbitterten Wettstreit beim Umbauen bzw. Aufbauen von Bikes liefern. Ziel ist es, dass schärfste Custombike in kürzester Zeit zu konstruieren und die anderen Mitbewerber auszustechen. Entschieden wird der Wettkampf durch das anwesende Publikum.

Letztes Jahr konnte sich der deutsche Star-Customizer Marcus Walz (Walz Hardcore Cycles) als erster „Nicht-Amerikaner“ gegen die harte Konkurrenz durchsetzen und wurde mit seinem Bike „Mille Miglia“ BIKER-BUILD-OFF-Champion 2006.


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  1. MoTo PhAsE says:

    Marcus Walz and Mike Prugh are two of the most complete, top-tier, bike builders on the planet. Fantastic motorcycle design and engineering innovations. Both kings of the business already at a young age. Ride on wizards.

  2. Cool bikes but I'm just too old school for them. 🙂

    They also look so uncomfortable.

  3. 7A says:

    more shitty guitar racket. stfu.
    i got a great idea, put a wide tire on the rear and a skinny one on the front. and make it low with a solo seat.
    assholelutely this and assholelutely that. robotspeak.
    nice looking torque wrenches. and screw those fasteners in DRY.
    20 inch rear? i'm gonna put a 40 incher on mine.

  4. 7A says:

    $100,000 motorcycle? rather 1 harley and $80,000 for gas money.
    how much meth did the guitar player shoot.
    thanks for the jackoff camera crap at 30 minutes. real xxxxing clever. never seen that before 1000 times.

  5. awesome hardcore black bike

  6. You Lie says:

    I think walz makes the best bikes in the world.. so fucking aggressive and smooth at the same time..

  7. Dude13450 says:

    Don't get me wrong, Marcus Walz's bike was awesome; like the one bystander said, it is just mind boggling just how much engineering went into Hardcore's bike. I, however, would rather have Mike Prugh's build. I'm not into these kinds of bikes, but Independent had me saying "I'd own the shit out of that".

    Also, Mike got my instant and utmost respect when he stopped to help Marcus with his clutch basket issue. Mike could have gone on and won by default alone, but rather he chose to help a brother out. I guess it's true when they say "never leave a biker behind".

  8. just another bike building show..getting old now, they are all the same….

  9. HEKTIC458 says:

    Hardcore bike was sick

  10. Santos Colon says:

    what ever happened to this show it was awesome

  11. 3 Dee says:

    Not very comfy on the long runs but great bikes still. Love Hardcore designs. Very mean and unique.

  12. alan brown says:

    chrome is so nasty and old ,makes everything look plastic

  13. Not ME says:

    Handling? What's that…

  14. HUGO HORNY says:

    Bei einem Motorrad Preis von min. 80.000 Euro für ein WHC,kann man Passgenauigkeit erwarten.Zu sehen,wie mit einem Hammer auf den Krümmer eingeschlagen wird,nur das er durch den Rahmen passt,ist schlichtweg erbärmlich. Desweiteren Probleme mit der Kupplung und das alles in einer Tv Aufzeichnung.

  15. Heretic says:

    Like both bikes, but I wouldn't want to ride either one for more than an hour. Doubt they would be much good in curves or in town.

  16. Brady Skeen says:

    Hardcore looked the best to me but they both look like they would be uncomfortable to ride.

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