“THE EMBLEM” A Triumph Motorcycle Fantasy Film

As an owner of a Triumph Bonneville T100 and a motorcycle enthusiast I’ve always wanted to put together a short film dedicated to this magnificent bike and the …


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34 Comments to ““THE EMBLEM” A Triumph Motorcycle Fantasy Film”

  1. Fenrir says:

    Cringe worthy. I have to say, as a Triumph owner this was hard to watch. ): Lets hope Leafy doesn't find this one…

  2. lillnemo1 says:

    Nice to see some triumph love. But unfortunately it was a bit boring. Maybe another try?

  3. Lou Seguin says:

    SO didn't nail the vibe of a Triumph sorry.

  4. Mbutta7 says:

    Whats the song at the end? Awesome vid.

  5. justice to being person character.,not to being animal person ind the world.

  6. Martin Sage says:

    Love the green S3. I want😁

  7. geomaia1965 says:

    These motorcycles have a classic style. They are beautiful and diferent.

  8. Bob W says:

    Well done NOT, WHERE IS THE PROPER GEAR, jackets, boots, riding jeans and good helmets not tee shirts and shitty jeans bough from Kmart. Most probably did not want to hide their faggy bodies, I wonder what they would look as nice after being dragged along the road surface at 100kph, I don't think so.

  9. David Screen says:

    clowns !!! should have been the bird an the bikes! or got real bikers! toss pot

  10. You forgot the sprint and riding in the twisties, mang. Or even some playing in traffic. still, not bad.

  11. Tony Simonka says:

    cool video and nice bikes,
    is Kadshah that cute girl in the video? why is your icon a dude with the moustache…lol

  12. slogroove says:

    No artistic, directorial, or production value.  No storyline or mise en scene. "Fantasy" is a cop out.  Just an amateur video featuring a pretty girl, mild bikes, and guys borrowed from the local dealership.  See any of the Blitz motorcycle, or Edwin Jeans vids for true artistry.

  13. Jim Cross says:

    Great film…from a Meriden kid….oh yes.

  14. Wasted precious 5 mins of my life….fellas! U need to ride not pose

  15. 365kayak says:

    Great Vid!  I wish I still lived in the city.  Maybe I could have had my Bonnie with sidecar on the "Big Screen!"  Haha

  16. rckymtn3 says:

    I've got tattoos so I'm cool. barf

  17. ckkingofrats says:

    What a lame video. I'm sorry but did anyone in this video ever make it into 3rd gear? lol. And who puts saddle bags on a thruxton? It's a cafe racer! If I owned Triumph I would sue you for embarrassing Triumph lol.

  18. La chica espectacular, las motos geniales.
    Los Tattos Maravillosos.

  19. Gambo916 says:

    I know which one I'd prefer to be riding.

  20. Good Try….but it is another Hipster (yawn) video.Maybe if they were in the twisties,
    Really cranking it on,up or down the side of a mountain.Pushing their riding skills w/
    Real motorcycle gear/protective attire……wait…..oh yeah,hipsters can't ride like that!

  21. LM Mayer says:

    Live just round the corner from Triumph in Hinckley, UK. Good to see these bikes out there.

  22. paul good says:

    Who cares what kind peeps ride a triumph. You sound like a vintage Honda ad "you always meet a nice person on a HONDA" BLOW it out your ass. Just ride your garage furniture

  23. Ribin Robin says:

    The comments where exactly what I expected "girls hot" didn't even notice bikes

  24. Good video. Though you should've put a rocket iii roadster in the line up. That's what I ride…..nuthin more bad ass than that ride.

  25. Great video man. All around. One day I hope my Triumph and I can get involved with a video like that. Keep up the good work. 🚵🚴🚴💨

  26. Teneregubben says:

    I only drive Yamaha bikes, but I like this.

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