20 Comments to “The 2015 Lineup – Indian Motorcycle”

  1. B Robson says:

    Nice video!  Love the 2-tone paint schemes!  

  2. marcus cane says:

    Ok Harley outside and put up your dukes. The Scout is ready to take on The Sportster for city and town road Supremacy. I am so happy to see history repeat itself and see a wrong righted. The Raod belongs to Indian!!!! America's First and Oldest Motorcycle Hail to the Cheif King of The Road.

  3. 100 yrs. of  NOTHING ! you've been out of business 3 times! Polaris is the 4th time around. Bull S..T and half truths, lies and videos aren't going to cut it.
    Water cooled Scout…"REALLY",… That Bike is Hideous! The "SPORTSTER" is the most Iconic Motorcycle in the WORLD…period!


  5. T Masta says:

    Who is that hottie on the Scout?

  6. What is the name of the song playing in this video? +Indian Motorcycle 

  7. JefferyT says:

    I was a Harley customer. Uhhhh, Indian Chief Vintage, here I come.

  8. indian design team must have been looking at Yamaha swingarm looks the same , fake cooling fins would have look a lot better on that ugly ass engine too cookie cutter looking too bad indian you did,nt give much thought to the scout with an iconic name it deserves better

  9. newking70 says:

    you have not been building motorcycles for over 100 years.

  10. i see we have a few people with HD etched in there brain yes indian has a few false starts but harleydavidson near went broke them selves if it wernt for AMF back in the early years and didnt they produce some shit boxes and when harley did get back on track they havnt produced anything new except the vrod which is water cooled which is only now being excepted as a harley davidson from the air cool nuts out there ive got a wideglide myself but ive got a open mind on whats on offer to so my next ride will be a indian cheiftan

  11. Daniel Steel says:

    Moto dos meus sonhos  :D

  12. WOW listen to all the indian haters it is just a motorcycle Harley is a Harley and the new Indian is an Indian its all about the journey I thought I prefer it on an indian some prefer it on an Harley some like jap bike its about being on two wheels stop the hate lol

  13. If I had the money, I would buy the scout in a heartbeat.

  14. Cobra Viper says:

    It does not matter if you ride a Harley victory or a Indian it all American bike I like them all in there own way I do have a Harley but looking to buy a victory or a indian full dresser quit hating on a American bikes ride them 

  15. I just purchased a 2015 Indian Chief Classic. It has a very smooth, refined, and comfortable ride. I traded my 2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom for the Indian. I'll check back with updates,

  16. xin ge says:


  17. Is that the voice of the "Master Chief, Spartan John 117", I hear narrating?

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