tank badge removal for triumph bonneville T100

a tasty how to on removing your tank badges all on your own. if you dont have the “proper equipment” …then you can use some household stuff to get the job …


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  1. Alec Stahl says:

    Quick question. How do you put the badges back on in the exact same position?

  2. Silk 68 says:

    I never knew this. Great Video. My Wife's Credit cards R so maxed, the Tank may not take it. No lie.

    I want to hit her over the head with that friggn Headlight !!!!

  3. Dental floss or fishing line work well also. 

  4. moogs74 says:

    What a cool video. It's great to see dealership shops do stuff like this. Most dealers up here suck ass. aka Tri Valley Moto

  5. Where can you buy replacement plastic badges? I'm repainting my tank and have the plastic badges too and obviously need to buy them again to put em on bike.

  6. John Cook says:

    Thanks for the tasty how to, made it a very quick and simple job!

  7. triumph bonies after they went fuel injected are unbelievably cheapened!!! plus they started making them in thailand..06 was the last of the real bonnies i think!!

  8. Alejandro says:

    that bagde is plastic? they dont make bikes like they did in the 80s…

  9. @vlobao could u describe touching surface please? can u take a picture and send it to me or describe in more detail? thanks!

  10. @diabloairbrush uuuhm, you know, what i don't remember. but call ur shop they can probably tell you. if you take your own off im sure they would squeeze some on your badges if you just put them on yourself. or they might do it as long as you remove your own first yknow?

  11. vlobao says:

    hi, I have a 2010 bonnie with no holes in it. I just bought my eyebrown badges but I'm not so sure of how gluing it on the tank because the "touching surface" of the badge is too narrow. Did you do something like it at your shop?

  12. @TF856 uuuuuhmm, thanks for the comments???

    it doesnt matter whether its empty or not. it was a pretty hot day and the glue has been fine to this day. a very high concentration of fumes would need to be presentfor an ignition, and im pretty sure a hair dryer wouldnt be sufficient heat to cuase ignition in the first place because its so ambient and un focused in heat direction.
    but hey, try it!
    yeah try it with your bike, and please record it. if you survive-put it on youtube! 😀

  13. gyrate4 says:

    Oh, you painted the bike! Looks very sweet!



    When you have time, could you show us a video with the new tank and badges?

    yeah, would u like a close up? otherwise its in the video on my page entitled, "triumph 50th anniversary with sleepers rev."

    or if you want a new CLOSE clip. just lemme know and ill whip one up for u 🙂

  15. oh thanks man.
    the 2010s and the 2009s come with plastic(weak sauce). but you can get metal badges from 50-100 bucks. these are called "classic" badges. i think 70-100. not positive.

  16. gyrate4 says:

    Do the 2010s have the metal or plastic badges? It looks nice there without badges btw.

    i really appreciate your comments and interest 🙂 yes it was mine that it came off. i did eventually put on the "classics" tank badge however on a different tank. the 2009 bonnevilles and on are a complete gamble when it comes to which tanks have holes underneath. good thing is if you take it off you can just put it back on without anyone noticing anything different. i put this green tank up for sale long with the other tins.

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