9 Comments to “Tail of the Dragon on a 2014 Indian Chief “Vintage””

  1. plumboss says:

    Home Sweet Home, on my favorite bike, you are living the life!

  2. gonna test ride one of these, keeping my Rocket 3 Touring though

  3. JohnnyRebKy says:

    Ahh I've watched this a year ago I think and just watched it again lol. I finally went to Murfreesboro Tennessee to the indian dealer and saw them in person. Wow all I can say is magnificent machines. I was stunned by the quality of leather used on the bags and seat. Looked like the best quality leather used on high dollar horse saddles. Indian spared no expense there. I have a old 2002 Harley Davidson wide glide that's carbureted and still has the " sound" that I'm quite pleased with. If I ever gave it up it would probably be for a chief vintage. But im going to enjoy my old wide glide until indian develops some more aftermarket choices. I'd like to see some mini ape hangers available for the Indian to assist my long arms ( I'm tall) as I'm not crazy about the low and wide beach bars. I like my hands elevated some and legs stretched. Right now with indian you get what you buy as there isn't much available to modify them to fit you. Also waiting for some decent exhaust systems to be developed as I like my bike to growl.

    I enjoyed your riding video. Thank for sharing. Reading your other resonates about flight….I think flying in a plane is much safer than riding a motorcycle! 

  4. Sonny Fales says:

    So cool as it was sureal to see feel this ride!!Anyway was it smooth sailing and how about your power curve..did you have plenty of excess power to weight ratio?Did you know that Brad Pitt is crazy about Indians and has a few Customs in India?

  5. I enjoyed the ride along.  I was leaning the Laz-y-Boy a few times in the turns.  My question is do I get a patch now?

  6. 95inchhog says:

    I live close by so I ride Deals Gap often and I can say the most danger there is from the DAMN FOOLS on 'crotch rockets' that take foolish chances and put themselves, as well as others, at risk !…….I don't give a F#@K what you ride,just act like you have a DAMN BRAIN when you ride it !

  7. Kevin Polito says:

    Fantastic! Great road! Great bike! Great job on the video!

  8. Daryl Oliver says:

    Thanks YOGI just asking as my buddy teaches the Denver Police Dept Motorcycle Officers and and I took his 18hour class and got my ass handed to me. I am amazed to see people ride rodeos and drag boards the entire course locking the front forks and not lay the bike down. Just curious as you must be a great rider. Hope I didn't offend you. How do you like the New Indians compared to the Harleys? I always wanted a Road Glide but I think the Chief is the winner. Thanks for your thoughts. DO

  9. Daryl Oliver says:


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