Suzuki GSX-S1000 vs Triumph Speed Triple by OVERDRIVE

We pit two excellent naked street motorcycles- the Suzuki GSX-S1000 and the Triumph Speed Triple in what promises to be an excellent battle on Indian streets.


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11 Comments to “Suzuki GSX-S1000 vs Triumph Speed Triple by OVERDRIVE”

  1. Loving your reviews Shubhabrata! ….. "Pick you flavor of madness"… Love it!….

    Some are reporting throttle issues on the GSX-S, how did you find it?

  2. 40jonah says:

    awesome revie, as always

  3. Peter Miller says:

    I'm line fours are so buzzy & meh…Whereas the Speed triple might be an older design but it's classy, strong & handles brilliantly and it doesn't need all the electronics to make it a joy to ride.

  4. Suzi Kawa says:

    The Suzuki is absolutely tiny in person. This is my dream bike, just an ecu flash away from perfection.

  5. Thought the conclusion was a bit of a cop out. I watched the video to see reasons why one was marginally or clearly better than the other. . In the real world.

  6. Hi guys, what great and entertaining comparison. It'd be nice to see how the 2015 super naked bikes compare to the new 2016 Triumph Speed Triple R and the new Yamaha MT10. Hope you can bring us that comparative soon.
    On a side note, if at all possible, could you do the detail shots before you ride the bike? It's a shame to see them so dirty and distracts a little bit. Many thanks for taking the time to film, edit and share. Cheers, Ray from UK.

  7. Ee .e says:

    For real world i come to the conclusion that 600cc and 750cc are more appropriate. 1000ccs are torquier and demands more effort and you can't never get all from it. They are just too much.

  8. I got a 2014 matt blue Speed Triple, it's WAY better than this GSX-S 1000, i tried it 2 weeks ago. Chassis wise, the Speed is better, better brakes, suspensions, and most of all, the Speed got a way stronger engine up to 9000 rpm. The Suzuki is only stronger after 9000 up to 11 000 rpm, but not that much actually.

  9. Bhupi Sharma says:

    Suzuki GSX S1000 looks more good for me. But yes true no comparison with Triumph. Both WOW! FUN MACHINES.

  10. Ditch the both !!!! I will wait for superduke . The maddest KTM ever

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