Street Triple Single Headlight Conversion Low Install

Step-by-step walk through for installing the MOTODEMIC Single Headlight Conversion – Low on 2013+ Triumph Street Triples. Where to Buy …


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18 Comments to “Street Triple Single Headlight Conversion Low Install”

  1. ozzyg82 says:

    Should have had a last wide shot of the bike with the new single light in order to see the finished effect on the bike. But a good video. Like.

  2. pinkie5839 says:

    I am hugely impressed with the kit but like others prefer the aero light from Harley. I see the listed wiring harness part number on your site too….is that plug and play with the Triumph harness? if it is I will be ordering that light and your killer little kit.

  3. wheelsdeal says:

    The Street Triple looked so good with the Aero headlight…how come you discontinued that unit?

  4. Mark Bogan says:

    Really like your product. It would be great if you could publish more photos of Street Triples with the different headlight styles installed etc…

  5. How about the speed dials and such? Did you replace the "thing" or used the same? Not quite sure what it's called..

    Awesome product tho!

  6. opmike343 says:

    Okay, so how do you make sure the headlight maintains its position if you're only supposed to tighten the bolts until the light "remains adjustable by hand"? Seems like riding and vibration would eventually throw the elevation/pitch of the headlight off.

  7. mission Avs says:

    Awesome product. Will definitely be installing one of these once I pick up a Street in the coming months.

  8. Triumph Babe says:

    I love my low conversion! Thanks for such a great product!

  9. Can this be used on the Australian (Lams) TRIPLE SPEED 660?

  10. Aaron Marc says:

    Nice looking kit. Is there a concern that now there is no air intake cover?

  11. alexbballboy says:

    Why didn't you show us the whole bike before and after?

  12. Matt W says:

    Looks great. I am wondering would this affect the warranty though?

  13. James Radtke says:

    what would a guy need to install this conversion kit on a 2012 street triple?

  14. Kendye says:

    This is an awesome product and exactly what the Speed Triple needs.

  15. Jake Hill says:

    I just installed this on a '14' street. It looks great and it was super easy. Side benefit- removing the stock headlight uncovered much more of the intake, this make ps the intake howl even louder. Sounds better too!

  16. jonas flaig says:

    Is this legal in Germany ? 
    Does it fit on the Street Triple Rx ? 
    And do you ship to Germany ?

  17. Jeffrey Man says:

    Would a blow dryer be enough to heat up the bolts holding the stock headlight bolts?

  18. Hey I just placed my order for the Headlight Low Kit w/ LED buld and clip ons. Y'all should really do in Install vid on how to swap the controls over to the clip ons. I'll try and put on up also on how to install everything.

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