Stories of Bike | Forge (A ’73 Harley-Davidson Ironhead Story)

This is a story about the relationship between bike owner and builder. About partnerships in creativity.

When Dan Fitch set out to get his 1973 Harley Davidson Ironhead customised, he had a certain image in his mind of what that would be. Little did he realise that, during the build of his bike, his vision would be challenged. Challenged by a builder who would change Dan’s vision into something magnificent.

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31 Comments to “Stories of Bike | Forge (A ’73 Harley-Davidson Ironhead Story)”

  1. great video… lots of you're ideas on your bike have inspired me… i'm getting a harley, hopefully tomorrow, one question… I Like the helmet you have what kind is it?

  2. Jim Spraudog says:

    "Then enemy of creativity is good sense." Great line.

  3. A really great video as well as a gorgeous looking bike! I'm curious to know if it would be possible to obtain that frame. I would love to build one similar to that style. It's to die for!

  4. I don't like this bike at all…yet I struggle to put into words my problem. I suppose it reads "poser". A bike which must've cost tens of thousands masquerading as a "common man's" ride. It's old school looks are just a front for its very new school cost. And it's so that guy that it just can't speak to me.

    Shrug. Not my thing. 

  5. Wonky Nips says:

    I ride a 125 Yamaha Virago, and seeing this beast actually makes my chest hurt. I need a bigger, meaner bike. This hardtail is a work of art. Amazing story

  6. There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less,but i think as long as you are on the open road, you willl reach to your own satisfaction.

  7. What a beautiful bike 
    makes me want to go out and bulid a custom bike

  8. So a hipster goes to a custom shop..

  9. Good one! says:

    wow that craftsmanship! what a monster! love it

  10. plummz says:

    I like this channel but this video just screamed "pretentious". Boring too.

  11. django r says:

    Well I'm in full agreement with one of the earlier comments made below- 'pretentious'.In a word- pretentious- that sums up the video. This guys obviously got way too much money and time to waste. The esoteric moody background music also reinforces the idea of pretentiousness. Maybe this guy needs to get a mortgage, have a couple of kids and start to live in the real world!!!!!!!!!

  12. Heya. How Thoughtful Of You! accurate side

  13. What kind of stretch is on the rear hard tail? Is it about a 4"? Check out my build on insta George.osborne

  14. H Smith says:

    Beautiful absolutely pure animalism

  15. Max Woolsey says:

    Why are we hearing this fake talk? Not the builder?

  16. it's just cool, do you know a Alice , know idea why ,it just says Alice to me , ?.

  17. Jim Allan says:

    I've never seen such a self absorbed film in all my life! I seriously thought that this was a p$%s take!! The film isn't focussed on the bike and has so little content about the actual build that it is quite superficial. It's more of a couples fashion and lifestyle shoot with a bike as a reason to watch it.

  18. Jim Allan says:

    I agree with you and whole heartedly understand your concept which I quite like. Many of your films are interesting and show how people came to like and then love motorcycles through a world of influences. As you'll notice I never mentioned the word "builder" just the build! There is so little content regarding the bike itself, it's more about the guy that commissioned it and his partners life and looks which are hardly unusual or interesting.

  19. Good looking bike, except for that S&S air cleaner. Looks like an after thought.

  20. mhks68 says:

    form over function is a loss for me!

  21. James gaszak says:

    Is this film suppose to be about egos cause its not about motorcycles.

  22. Jay N says:

    This dude is too much lol

  23. uglydolI says:

    some guy with some money buys a bike big deal

  24. Fulminata says:

    new to bikes. just to clarify, this was a sportster, yeah?

  25. TheOzTurkish says:

    What a machine, great film, love the editing and the story

  26. Utterly pretentious wank-fest.

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