13 Comments to “Start the bike without key”

  1. More like how to steal a motorcycle

  2. i have aviator it work on them his lock is dead

  3. كلب ابن كلب شنو هل شذب علة ساس ما ندري خال السويج بيهة ويشغل

  4. Zia Rehman says:

    lesson for a common man. how to become a thief :)

  5. This is a stupid thing to post I don't feel sorry for u at all if ur bike is stolen

  6. If you try your keys first😂

  7. Jake Finley says:

    dose it work on 50cc dirt bikes

  8. NikolaJXPL says:

    You can't do that on newer bikes cause the fuel pump is locked if the right key isn't inserted.

  9. Tim Bonča says:

    Hey  i tried this with tomos twister 50 and i put  i guess thin copper wires and the honk worked a little and the gas meter showed how much it has left but nothing else worked do i need thicker wire ?

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