Sportbike Quick Shifter quickshift Triumph 675

Sportbike Quick Shifter quickshift demonstration.


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  1. kevin koon says:

    is quick shifter for professionals or beginners to

  2. Logan Young says:

    Man if you ever have to work on that transmission you're never going to shift like that again.

  3. lol I wouldn't trust running the bike on a stand like that…

  4. Muzakki Man says:

    Is that quick shift device sold in storeAnd can i add that device and replace to another bikes like ninja 300,yamaha r3,or anything?
    #sorry for my bad english,i'm from indonesia :)

  5. He looks like someone riding only to a coffee shop and back without wearing a helmet..

  6. And like typical Triumph brand, sexy bike but even in this demo it leaked…   sad…  

  7. upshift = quickshifter
    downshift = seamless gearbox (motogp)

  8. "This guy looks like an,retired Power Ranger."

  9. Terra Ryzer says:

    can we downshift using the quickshifter ??? or only upshifts ?? 

  10. kwfree says:

    looked like something leaked out underneath the bike during shifting

  11. flatline7310 says:

    Thanks for the demo. Much appreciated!

  12. is it still possible to upshift with clutch?

  13. Essa moto tem um Lindo ronco

  14. tehbitterman says:

    what shoes do you have on?

  15. quickshifter, motorsport tech

  16. Does this have any negative affect your bike or transmission?

  17. Camberwell86 says:

    Imagine it was the world's hottest girl calling you from a private number… "yeah babe, my number is 079 – vrrroooooooom VRRRooooooom VROOOOOOOOOM VRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOM – 23. Call me later, I've got to go!" *beep beep beep* ^_^

  18. this device will turn your sportsbike into a BEASTBIKE as i can see. specially when you really are a hell of a biker

  19. no you don't. it should work from 5000rpm and higher

  20. Just had one installed on my 2010 daytona. Setting off traffic lights just got hell of a lot more fun!

  21. menom7 says:

    LMNAO!!! "Eh,SAAAAAAANDY…….lemme put Ahhhn dis really HAWD-DRIVIN,Electra-FYIN……..KKKK-KWICK-SHIFTAAAAAAAAA"

  22. xDarhalx says:

    dayum nice shoes! what model iz dat ?

  23. jimmicreesti says:

    What a Great bike! What country builds them?

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