Sounds of the Classic TT 2015 with MV Agusta, Paton, YZR500,Gilera, Honda 500 etc. etc!

Some clips I’ve thrown together, featuring the best sounds I recorded at this years Classic TT at the Manx GP Isle of Man. There’s MV Agusta, Paton 500, Honda 4, Yamaha TZ750, Gilera 500 & various others. Listen as a bike leaps over Ballacrye in the distance, as the Mighty MV storms into Braddan, & then out again! There’s a lot of empty screen, just sounds in the distance, so don’t watch if you want to see, otherwise TURN THE SOUND UP!
& there’s a short batty interlude at around 7 mins, too!
If you want to hear the Norton Rotary parade lap go here –


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25 Comments to “Sounds of the Classic TT 2015 with MV Agusta, Paton, YZR500,Gilera, Honda 500 etc. etc!”

  1. EssexV6 says:

    Perfect just the pure sound and no stupid music!! Great job😀😀

  2. TMAX2001 says:

    Really nice footage and sound. Did you by chance record No.63 or No.64 ( Honda 250/4's ) during the Classic TT Parade ? Hope you don't mind me asking.

  3. richard lane says:

    Amazing unforgettable the only sounds that should be heard on any road multi exhausts SINGING Thank you

  4. VAMIRACING says:

    this is exactly what i needed to get over this rainy november day

  5. Walter Tacey says:

    There's no wonder the Manx is taking over from the TT proper – this takes you back to the TT's greatest years, the era when Hailwood and Ago – riders who could race and win on roads and circuits – on proper race bikes with proper sounding engines and exhausts, to the time when you could hear the bikes coming fro ages and know by the sound who it probably was. These bikes may be replicas but they're not far short of what they were and to be ridden in anger is how they should be ridden. Excellent stuff, thank you for posting.

  6. Lemans15 says:

    what a sound….. unbelievable

  7. krit romulus says:

    The Fest Of 'The REAL MACHINE !. and The REAL HEROES !? , With My RESPECT The ERA !?!

  8. Coldsmoke says:

    Good lord…who/what was that 2 stroke that flys by at 4:30 ??

  9. TurdBucket says:

    Makes me wanna jump on my Bike and Rip on that Throttle!

  10. mv 500 best sound! 💪💪

  11. Spamcan81 says:

    Great stuff. Some fabulous bikes and sounds. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Brian Lawton says:

    Great Video, Incredible Skilled Riders', The Speed they go by at is Insane, Sounds'  of the Screaming Engines' is Fantastic , (No Music,) who wants' that when you can hear them .

  13. My favourite quote was from Geoff Duke in 1999 who went "in 1955 we where doing 150mph here with 60 bhp. Now they do 170mph with 160bhp!!"'

  14. Bilal Hashmi says:

    Who the heck is that sadist who disliked this video?? ¿😠?

  15. Carl Napp says:

    One may forgive me but I'd rather hear some British thumpers.

  16. Papp Zoltán says:

    OMG the thundering of MV 's is remind me, for my young ages at Brno's Czech MotoGP 1971 , listenings Agostini and Phil Read on MV roaring dawn on the long straight !

  17. john bull says:

    Wonderful! Thank goodness there's people like you around who just appreciate sheer class & realise there's no need for back-cloth gimmicks when superbly-engineered machines send their decibels down those exhaust pipes! A seventy-something old git who rode early Ducati's & Gilera's in the 1960's salutes you!

  18. Dewstepper says:

    Captain Sparkles.. opps forgot the THE…  Your humble vid (some clips you have thrown together !!) to me is pure mature motorbike porn.. mmmmmm oh yes.. OH YESSSS..  opppss :(OK. Now I have had a cold shower… Cap S… superb vid. Took me back to my youth as a naïve 17yo on the IoM and a few years more before marriage kinda cramped my style/life… as in no more TT's 🙁  Wish someone could go back in time and record the IoM races/sounds of "my era" using todays technology.

  19. 375GTB says:

    I left my Riverside Records LPs in Tampa, 1976…

    I used to DREAM about seeing the bikes I was hearing….

    Then take my Aermacchi 250 out for a run….



  20. suffern63 says:

    30 to 45 seconds!!!!!Bloody hell,that's all you need in life.Then it continues,on and on and on.The video captured the sound of road racing that I've heard

  21. Magnifique, mon amour! Just before Braddon/Union Mills, what?


  22. RSRSR 911 says:

    Great Vid – Let the bikes do the singing – They are fast!!!!!

  23. Bloody Marvelous, just bloody marvelous!

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