Solar electric trike/bike -1p a mile to run.

Homemade DIY solar electric trike. 1000w, 60w – solar
with detachable solar – roof. The future of clean transport.


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21 Comments to “Solar electric trike/bike -1p a mile to run.”

  1. LAFOLLETTER says:

    We need more like this guy.

  2. where I can get it , and cost

  3. Daytriker T says:

    What I really like about your project is that you used a lot of upcycled material. Now if you could only get more sunshine in the UK you'll be the next Trump! (Hmm that might be an insult, Got it Bill Gates!)

  4. james Fabe says:

    sir can i ask how much did it cost?

  5. 18billions says:


  6. Paul Morgan says:

    I'm going to say what everyone else is saying wish I could do what you did,thanks for sharing I'm betting your kids enjoyed your inventions. remember that how chain started. don't forget to patent your design. regards Paul from London

  7. Paul Morgan says:

    that should have said dyson😉 started

  8. Ake Hilding says:

    I must say I'm impressed, it looks great.

  9. Beautiful build. Some people who used a shock fork and a powerful motor up front had a problem. The motor pulled the shock fork off their bikes. Again, beautiful build.

  10. Ivor Miller says:

    whats the score regarding parts list and suppliers,drawings etc or do you build and sell.


  11. wow amazing trike good job, this is what we need more of in England more like sir Clive sinclare

  12. Ernie says:

    Nice build, very creative. But can you be more detailed on the specs? How many hours of recharging, are those 15AH batteries, how many miles can it do on one charge and last but not least; is it allowed on public roads?

  13. Mike Nelson says:

    Regenerative braking? The existing wheel rim caliper brakes don't seem adequate for the additional weight of batteries, motor, et cetera. Recommend fitting some bicycle disc brakes, like the ones used on mountain bikes.

  14. Niall Lawlor says:

    in favour of any E-trike that has no saddle and if don't have to hook up to a power supply even better and pay electricity bill. Power company are all for E-bikes hook up at home and pay for power .If have a E-bike make own solar power better still get someone Qualified to rig up solar power pack safety first. Anything with a relative big surface area for solar panel. Nothing to ridicules and not too low to the ground that no one see you.

  15. Niall Lawlor says:

    Any solar trike with the surface area for sufficient solar panel to power battery in descent time frame and water proof would nice

  16. Türk Best says:

    good job! did u use any "solar charge controller" between solar panel and batteries ?

  17. John Doe says:

    Great project! You could put more solar panels on the roof.

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