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  1. Kenneth Kay says:

    Never put a nut on the inside of the footpeg next to the primary cover…one layover and the nut cuts into the cover…always between the rubber and the mount….better yet, use a fold-up footpeg… I've owned since 1973…used to sharpen the rubbers on the pavement…and crossover pipes, really….BSA mechanics don't know Nortons…and why is he whittling down the bolt heads…Snapon tools sell Whitworth (British Standard) wrenches and sockets….Use a dual mercury sticks to sync carbs… poor man's way is to set idle to the same RPM one each side and then listen for the cable drops (when static) and finally, best time to update isolastics and headsteady…and wow, kickstarting without finding compression stroke… but the new owner will figure this out…otherwise…pretty bike

  2. chuanist says:

    GREAT 1974 Norton Commando Mk II! I had one. My favorite bike of all time.

  3. Such a shame youtube blocked this. Bloody music is over 20 years old. The bands have made a shed load of money from this old music already. Fucking breadheads are everywhere.

  4. it dose not route that way it goes over the frame not under the frame

  5. Paul T says:

    Outstanding restoration,congratulations!!!!

  6. Nice looking Bike  I got a 1972 750 Norton interstate . I've had it for over 30 years.

  7. Kevin Forth says:

    Very well done, thanks for sharing the video. I felt like I could grab a beer and feel comfortable sitting with this fellow and talking bikes all afternoon.

  8. Luvely Grub mate. Great video and commentary. I'm from London. Emigrated to Toronto in 1954. Now live in California.. Your London accent really took me back. Smashing… Also went to  Ronnie Scott's for an all nighter (and then watched the Coronation (1953) the next day on my way home to Catford. Even got a wave from Winston Churchill . Bloody Marvelous!Back to your video. Terrific, informative and entertaining. Great job my man. CHEERS & GOOD LUCK.

  9. TS50ER says:

    All the way stunning machine! I love his slow, methodical approach, enjoying the project.

  10. Layla at the reveal, cant get any more beautiful !!

  11. Thanks for the entertaining video. I really like the stories from Mr. Smith's youth. Great days indeed.

  12. I bought my Triumph last summer. 21 years old and I explored Southern Ontario like I'll never get to again. 

  13. Paul Connell says:

    Loved it! I didn't intend to watch the whole video, I just wanted to have a look at the Norton but I found myself totally absorbed in the stories and glimpses of the beautiful Norton. 24 minutes and 27 seconds of entertainment, thank you:)

  14. ROY Dean says:

    Loved the video, but I was hoping to hear how you cleaned the engine, and sorted out chromed parts which were full of rust, did you rechrome…??

  15. 441rider says:

    My 2nd bike in toronto was a BSA b50 at 16..in the eighties LOL! Slid the wheel around the Rosedale valley road more than once. Great show! 32 years later still class 6 only and BSA still.
     Firths was cool,

  16. kg6tgr says:

    I really liked the vid.  Nice restoration and loved the stories.  thanks for post.

  17. What a smashing video, great stories and lovely restoration work. 

  18. KIm Fleming says:

    "athaidream" obviously spends most of his time polishing his own nuts!
    this is a great resto…

  19. athaidream says:

    I thought this was going to be about restoring a Norton Commando not a load of drivel about his private life.

  20. Nice Job Roy..see you this weekend

  21. Dutch One says:

    Excellent work on this bike. She is beautiful!

  22. ADAM299GREEN says:

    Bought one of these , but the MK1 with a drum front brake on Vancouver Island in 1998 , toured the rockies with never a problem , one of the best things I've ever done , great bikes .I took it back to England with me I liked it so much.

  23. jtreg says:

    Nice job. Where did you get the exhaust nut from?

  24. Nice work !, i've restored a dozen commandos 20 minutes from the lewiston Queenston bridge, state side, my Mk3 looks a lot like your Mk2- just love these bikes !

  25. Mr BSA says:

    Brian, I still do restorations, usually one per year due to the cost nowdays.

  26. Mr,Roy Smith, Thank you so much,I enjoyed saw your restoreation for Norton Commando. Very beautiful and good Engine condition for recovery,If I oppotunity visit your factory Please see me for talk about Norton Commando restoration system.

  27. Bob Miller says:

    Fantastic, and you a funny fellow!!

  28. mr gruff says:

    well done,champion job …………[iminent=NvPbocgUWfOB]

  29. Do you still do restorations or was this a one off?
    I have a 74 interstate basket case that needs assembly.

  30. mac163 says:

    Superblend bearings are just part of solutions for the combat model. search google: noc commando service notes pdf. btw a quick way to see if you have a combat motor is check underneath the crankcase if it has a small sump drain plug instead of the larger one pre combat and 850 models.

  31. Radial 9 says:

    Great build, 10 out of 10 for checking the oil return on first start-up. Nice looking bike, similar to my Mk 2A that I restored 20 years ago and still have today.

  32. krazymummy says:

    I'm looking at a 71 Norton Commando 750 . Its in ruff shape . I have never restored a bike before . I have been involved with custom builds ,but no restorations . the Norton may be a combat engine . ( I will get a better look soon ) Question : is it true that "superblend bearings"
    will fix the combat engine problem ? Do you know ?

  33. krazymummy says:

    Great video !! Half way through I have to ask , Is this a Norton restoration or the history of "Rock n Roll" ??
    Ether way I enjoyed it 🙂

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